Third Hostage, American Woman, Threatened By ISIS

Source: Terror group wants $6.6 million for aid worker's freedom.
2:37 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Third Hostage, American Woman, Threatened By ISIS
We'll begin with the latest on the crisis in the middle east. President Obama has now authorized spy flights over Syria using manned aircraft and drones to prepare for possible military strikes against the militant group Isis. This comes as ABC news learned about a new American hostage being held by the terrorists, chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is here with the details. Good morning, George. A third American hostage held by Isis has been identified as a 26-year-old American woman kidnapped a year ago while doing humanitarian relief work inside Syria. The family has asked us not to use her name but say Isis has threatened to execute her unless they pay ransom of more than $6 million or the U.S. Releases a certain high-profile prisoner. The family says the young American was working at a hospital in the Syrian city of aleppo when she was taken last year. The prisoner that Isis wants released for her freesome is aafia Siddiqui for the attempted murder of a soldier in Afghanistan. But now her family has come forward to plead for the young woman's life. They were traumatized by the fact this someone else could be harmed in the name of aafia and expressed their opposition to it all. Reporter: At the same time they continue to focus on the neighborhoods in London where several men have been recruited to become the most brutal jihadists in the organization. Including this man, a one-time rapper known on youtube as ljinny whose father is awaiting trial in New York. Two weeks ago he posted this on social media, a man holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier. A radical Muslim cleric in London defended beheadings as just part of war. People kill each other. However gruesome it may look or shock the world. Reporter: British authorities say they don't believe the rapper was the executioner of James Foley but say they are close to figuring out who he is. Starting with the eyes of the hooded man advanced facial recognition experts created this likeness of the possible killer first clean shaven then with a mustache. In addition to trying to re-create the face behind that mask authorities now are also as we reported continuing a voice analysis of the executioner's distinct british accent. We had the significant new move by the president authorizing spy flights over Syria. Trying to gather intelligence there. The president resisted going into Syria with any kind of action but now in the wake of the execution of James Foley, that calculation seems to have changed. The Syrians warning against it this morning. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Source: Terror group wants $6.6 million for aid worker's freedom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25126031","title":"Third Hostage, American Woman, Threatened By ISIS","url":"/GMA/video/hostage-american-woman-threatened-isis-25126031"}