Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Crash Caught on Tape

Wedding party braces for a crash-landing after operator loses control of balloon.
2:06 | 01/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Crash Caught on Tape
I find wedding that ended an alarming -- crash landing for a couple getting married up in the air everyone is okay but -- -- little scary it was. It's about Nelson with the story Iraq good morning -- is the right word is many of us know. Marriages are supposed to be for better or worse but for the -- you're about to meet that worst -- It came way too soon. And way too high. It was supposed to be a romantic sunset wedding in a hot air balloon but romance quickly turned to fear. The couple and eleven others including their wedding party in the balloons operator bracing for a crash -- -- Karen and Jonathan -- he's had just exchanged their wedding bells thousands of feet in the air. -- -- amazing we ask you for your -- and now they were on their sides stranded in a stranger's backyard. There's another crash landing -- a member of the wedding party reported the crash on her cell phone the newlyweds had no idea what was happening. -- troubled times he tried to land in the U floated over -- we -- missile landing spots and next thing you know what we're descending. I'm thinking how I'm here because is no -- the landed the balloon. Handed from centuries. How do you worry when we hit the -- that -- fellow defense doesn't stop us when we're going down. -- Making -- -- all the more terrifying the bride's dream of a mid -- wedding was actually the -- worst nightmare turns out. He is scared of heights. Terrified. And one of the balloons occupants did suffer a minor back injury -- was transported to -- local hospital just as a precaution no other injuries were reported. The couple actually continued on to the reception if there ever was a need for an open bar that would be a good. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18159607,"title":"Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Crash Caught on Tape","duration":"2:06","description":"Wedding party braces for a crash-landing after operator loses control of balloon.","url":"/GMA/video/hot-air-balloon-wedding-crash-caught-tape-san-18159607","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}