New Details Emerge in the Hot Car Case

Surveillance video shows father Justin Ross Harris and his son leaving a Chick-fil-A six minutes before he got to work.
4:09 | 07/04/14

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Transcript for New Details Emerge in the Hot Car Case
anyway. We begin with the shocking details of the father charged with murder for leaving his son in that hot car. Prosecutors laying out the case against him on Thursday. And ABC's Steve osunsami has the story. A child left out in the car for over seven hours. Reporter: At times, Justin Ross Harris wiped away tears, as prosecutors laid out their shocking case. Accusing him of leaving his 22-month-old son, cooper, to die in a hot car, on purpose. Did he call 911? He did not. Reporter: At a hearing, where Harris was denied bond and told he could face the death penalty, the lead detectives said Harris told them he forgot to drop his son off at day care. But they have receipts from a chick-fil-a restaurant, a mile away, before going to his office. How did the child appear? The child appeared wide awake and happy. Reporter: Police say Harris strapped cooper in his car seat at 9:19 A.M. They say surveillance video shows the parked SUV. The child Harris allegedly forgot in those six minutes was inches away and hard to miss. While his son was dying, police say records show Harris was busy messaging lewd pictures of himself, to women who were not his wife, including one that was 17. Two months ago, Harris were Reading posts on an online forum about child-free. Something his attorney says he stumbled upon. Police say Harris knew a hot car could kill, after watching these safety videos just days before his son died. Warning of the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. Please call 911. Reporter: Investigators said that Harris and his wife had two life insurance policies on their own. One for $25,000. Harris' attorney argues the boy's death was a mistake. Saying that Harris is deaf in his right ear. His mind went elsewhere. Reporter: A witness for Harris testified that when the father pulled into this parking lot after discovering his life lesson, he seemed genuinely distraught. I heard the desperate cries of a father who just lost his son. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Steve osunsami, Marietta, Georgia. Let's bring Dan in this case. It's so disturbing. Police charging Harris with felony murder. As we're starting to hear some of the evidence, it sounds like premeditated murder. And you heard the detective say that he believes there was intent here. When you look back at the fact that the detective is saying they may have had a motive, which may have been money. And he's bringing in the mother, as well. They were having financial problems. They have a life insurance policy on the child. He's looking at child-free forums. Looking at videos of what happens in a hot car. Police piecing this together, to believe this was premeditated. And among the evidence we heard yesterday, as you referred to, implicating the mother, perhaps. Are you expecting an arrest in this case? They're going to need a little more. But one of the most startling moments came when the detective testified that the mother goes to child care. Shows up to pick up her son. They say, your husband never dropped off your son. Immediately, the first thing she says is, he must have left him in the car. Instead of saying, maybe he took him to lunch. The first thing she thinks of is oh, he must have left him in the car? Police also talked about the conversations the two of them had. I think they may change the theory of this case. It's possible the mother could be implicated. So much more in this case. You'll be following it for us. Now, to a pool party that

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{"id":24426338,"title":"New Details Emerge in the Hot Car Case","duration":"4:09","description":"Surveillance video shows father Justin Ross Harris and his son leaving a Chick-fil-A six minutes before he got to work.","url":"/GMA/video/hot-car-toddler-case-justin-ross-harris-son-24426338","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}