CES 2012: Hot New Electronics Unveiled

Check out the coolest new gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show.
5:03 | 01/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CES 2012: Hot New Electronics Unveiled
-- -- -- -- -- -- Our resident tech gadget and I mean -- -- haven't I I -- and -- -- CES this is the Super -- AT and as for techies I mean look at gadgets this it's an iPad but check it out. I can turn it into a guitar. -- teaches me how. To do anything -- Lawrence RM I'm spanning -- here with the is our -- I don't doesn't -- -- -- me too much. It's a way to teach yourself -- by snapping your I've had in his 99 dollar accessory. It's -- the ion audio guitar Prentice. You can be Iraq in the -- anytime soon on hand is -- you -- and you and I eroding and it and why you did that I have you found have you ever lost and I found in the commode. I I admit I have you have OK well no we don't watch this this is a product that may be coming out soon. It's -- HZOI. Don't play election year coming out here this weekend. This is just and I son -- no extra bags around -- It's like a lot of -- this coming out of water is going into the I don't. It's special -- The special stuff called HDL they're trying to get this built into our phones of the -- -- please do I like. Us a lot of people see this come out tell me how do we get because a lot of people be. Six a lot of heartache I know everybody wants it now but the thing is it's can be built into our phones of the future cells -- not something we can look forward not something -- five but technology at its best it's coming soon I promise I'm like thank -- now. So many guys have -- is -- home visit the we use this is -- next generation we and what's different here. Obviously the games are an HD which is really cool but check out this controller. It looks like -- tablet and you'll be able to interact with the game this a prototype right now but it's coming out soon. We're gonna see this probably in time for a holiday and it'll be something that you can actually play with in the tablet controller itself. Or you can play in between like for example there's a golf game we have a little ball here. -- -- -- And then you'll see your ball going onto the screen it's super does this -- the current we obsolete. Exactly a lot of your accessories will be backwards compatible but. For so many people who are interested in what's the next gaming console this is the next one that we're gonna see -- having a big change in how we play. Do you find though that you constantly have to update with -- I think I sort of like every -- -- so there's another coming -- it's tricky as a parent I know the kids love them is how much as -- -- -- doesn't have a price yet and we don't know the exact release date but it's definitely something new that'll get people's attention. You know I think that is the challenge is apparent is like all the kids -- gonna say -- talked about it with the -- and the new line to buy a new controller and -- new console for a little while and I see how this goes let's see how it is when people -- -- -- -- from this -- well journey let me tell you LG display has this beautiful. OLEED. This -- -- -- of its -- 55 inch. It is thinner than the width of a pen four millimeters. And what's about OLEDs is they light up and they go dark on a pixel by pixel basis so. For those of you geeks out there. Though blacks are so black and yet none of that motion blur that you get with a lot of the LEDs that are out there now OLED. Obscenely. Expensive but come and sit on one thing that is a budget item Mara. Is these Acer ultra books these are out. They're coming out right now -- books are these story here it is thinner than the width of the dime and a has a nine hour battery life. This is competing with the MacBook Air which really revolutionized this ultra -- category. This is going to be doesn't have a price yet probably anywhere between 899 and 12100 but he's not -- -- -- -- -- -- phenomenal have to question a lot of people want to know can they come to this is this just industry only industry only 150000. People a little bit of a Bellwether for the economy so. We're hoping that we you know see a -- maybe a 160000. Hussein was last year the year before it was a little bit of -- -- -- when the economy tanked. It was a ghost town here in C yes it really does tell us the soaring but you know what I -- this year is not just. The outrageously expensive a -- -- -- the downing of a price on but I mean yeah 80101000. Dollars prices will come down but we're not seeing. You know in light -- economy point practical items a good example is this this is up up just Smart thing it's called power to you. Not just a three pronged clubs but they put in US and CES. This really is like a rock concert this -- it's -- right now this will be a mob scene in no time with stars I told you earlier Justin Bieber did he -- Snooki. Me unit out Becky were only night -- I had a bad -- on. But really great tend to get a little glimpse into the future so that you really we thank you -- With an idea at all and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Check out the coolest new gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15320914","title":"CES 2012: Hot New Electronics Unveiled","url":"/GMA/video/hot-electronics-2012-15320914"}