Hotel Warning for Holiday Travelers

Thieves may target hotel guests and trick them into revealing their private data.
2:56 | 12/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hotel Warning for Holiday Travelers
We're back with "Gma" investigates. Hotel scams. Targeting guests and tricking them into reveals private data. Paula Faris has what you need to know. Reporter: Before you check in this holiday season, there are four serious hotel scams you need to check out. First, the pizza flyer scam. Authorities say thieves create fake flyers and slide them under your hotel room door. You call, order a pizza, give your credit card number. They take your dough and you never get any. Absolutely. Don't pay in advance. Reporter: And make sure the restaurant is legit before calling. The second scam, the front desk phone call. You get a call from the front desk saying we lost your credit card information. Not legitimate. No, it's a scammer calling pretending they're the front desk. Suddenly, you're providing your credit card information. Reporter: Stephanie says she received one of those pep to calls while traveling for work. It was man on the line saying he was a hotel employee and due to the electrical storm, they lost all my information because their system went down. Reporter: She started to give out her personal information and then stopped. I hung up the phone and I heard the phone ring in the next room. S so I figured something fishy was going on. Reporter: One ease city way to avoid it? Say, I'll come right down. Absolutely. Reporter: For the next two schemes, Dave shows us how hackers look the attack. First, fake hotel wi-fi. This is all you need to set this up? Yep. Reporter: He set up a hot spot called hotel guest wi-fi. Appearing to be the free wi-fi. When I connect to that network, it look like you're logging into your bank account. You could drain my bank account within matter of minutes? Yes. Reporter: He can see every site I visit. ABC news. Reporter: And ponl more? Pass words, social security Numbers. Reporter: Travelers should ask the front desk what wi-fi hot spot belongs to the hotel. And warning about this. The wireless key logger. It looks innocuous. Reporter: It can be plugged into a computer to record every number you push. The American hotel and lodging association says the hospitality industry is vigilant in attempt to identify and predrent dishonest activities. And also err on the side of caution. Warnings are issued. They' It's getting enough attention.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Thieves may target hotel guests and trick them into revealing their private data.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27605180","title":"Hotel Warning for Holiday Travelers","url":"/GMA/video/hotel-warning-holiday-travelers-27605180"}