The hottest beauty and fashion trends for 2018

Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto breaks down the hottest hair, makeup and fashion trends she predicts will be big in the new year.
6:51 | 12/27/17

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Transcript for The hottest beauty and fashion trends for 2018
the boy band coming up. Dan also has that on his iPod as weldil. Here we go. This morning we're taking a look at the hottest styles of 2018. Take a look. Three, two, one. ??? As we count down to the new year it's time to ditch the dated trends of 2017 and freshen up your look. Emmy Ross some and Julianne Moore's hair stylist are breaking down their top beauty trends for 2018. First the textured Bob. Not a simple Bob. It's all about texture. Put some wave into it. Ashley's make up tip bold eye liner lime Kim Kardashian. Go big or go home. We're using a creamy pencil. You can take your finger and blend. For trend number two arson and Ashley taking inspiration from Rihanna. When I suggest a pixie hair cut, they get scarred. Rihanna launched her make up line this year. It's flying off the shelves. You can pop a little on the lip so you have a full highlight glow. Finally a relaxed half up style like we've seen on Beyonce, demi Lovato and Jessica alba. Normally it's more structured. Now it's more loose. To compliment the look try cherry red lips. It's a blue based red with a little glossy finish. I'm using a crayon. It saturates the lip and gives a beautiful shape and definition. It's a fun statement when you're wearing an up do. I love a nice red lip. I'm so glad it's in style. Here to show us how to pull it altogether is Lori burr ga M. I think we're going to start with our first trend which is feathers and ultraviolet. We have a fashion show everybody. Yes. It's very exciting. Like I said it's bold. It's a little trim, something flirty. Ultraviolet you may remember is the color of the year. It's a mystical Kos Mick purple. You want to see what it looks like? I'm dying to see it. Our first model -- It's subtle too. Right. So the top which has been -- everybody is ooing over this top. You can see the feathers and day time embellishments. This top is $94 which can be expensive. Today -- this is for everything you're seeing. This is 25% off. You're making me do math in my head. About $20 off. There we go. Love it. What's so great is you can wear it with a lot of different things. Here on Carrie we have the pump from nine west. What we love about this is the pump has a little fringe. You can wear them to work or for fun. The color you can see I'm wearing one that's sort of ultraviolet as well. I feel so muted and boring. I'll give you my heels after this. Your feet are too small. If maybe feathers aren't your thing, you can do ultraviolet pumps or anything. You'll see it on accessories or textiles. I do like that. Carr Carrie, you're doing a great job. Thanks, Paula. Everything you're seeing will be discounted. A lot of these trends started in the fall and they're carrying over to spring. This is the week to shop. Who wants to bring back the '90s? I'm like an '80s girl, but we're talking rainbow stripes. Yes and also we have the fanny pack. Come on out, Nicole. Not around the fanny. No. This is the 2018 way to wear it. This is multicolored, a little more muted. This is kind of the new way to wear a fanny pack. It's not around your waist anymore. It's cross bodies. We've seen celebrities wearing it like this. This is the new way. It's nice because you can be hands free. How much? Under $100. Nice. Really good time to shop. Finally can't be without our male trend. We know about the dad body. This is the dad core. Remember Normal core? Yes. Dad core plus the parka. I'm going to show you what that means. Come on out, Nick. This is my husband. He's a dad to my two kids. You're taking one for the team. This is lands end parka. They have the good housekeeping seal. We love it's very technical. It has the designer flare of the camo. Nick, can you twirl for us? It's super warm. This is a little priceyer. For a coat you can spend more. Nicholas, if you take off your coat, he reveals jag core. Look at him. He knew what to do with that. This is all from old Navy. Starts at $13. You can get that button shirt for $12.95. Nothing is more than $25 that he's wearing. Nothing more than 25 bucks? No. All at old Navy. This is like dorky dad central. You're not a dorky dad. I don't know. A little dorky. He's super dad. Give your husband a hug. Come here. Lori, thank you so much. Coming up, the pint size cast of "The Florida

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto breaks down the hottest hair, makeup and fashion trends she predicts will be big in the new year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52004144","title":"The hottest beauty and fashion trends for 2018 ","url":"/GMA/video/hottest-beauty-fashion-trends-2018-52004144"}