Hottest Topics Making the Rounds on Mommy Blogs

Brooke Shields investigates the most talked about issues in parenting.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Hottest Topics Making the Rounds on Mommy Blogs
We put guest host brooke shields to work for mom confidential. She's asking mom what they think about hot-button issues and parenting. And brooke went for it, getting answers to some of the topics heating up the mommy blogs right now. Let's take a look. I'm a mom. And I have a whole problem with soda. What do you think about giving your kids soda? I don't like giving my children soda. You have four kids? Yes. And do you let them drink soda? It's a treat. If I held it back from them, they probably would just want it more. What do you think is too much to spend on your kids, as far as clothes? They grow up so fast. When you're working really hard for a living, yoully have to pinch your pennies. You want something with style. But something that's easy to wash. I'm totally different with the girls than it is for boys. And it's a problem. What do you think about alcohol being served as like little kids' parties? I probably would prefer not. The kids could drink it by accident. Do you have a facebook page? I do. She has a facebook page. All of her messages and friend requests some to my account. I don't do any of it. I'm leery about that kind of stuff. You know? In moderation. I think it's fine. What ages are your kids? s FIXING TO BE 10. Fixing to be 8. Just turned 6. And 19 months. Bless you. Wow. You're my new hero. Here professionals here. We're going to do this when we're being pelted with guitar picks here. They can't wait to get the party started. We heard about what other moms think about their kids and hot topics. We have daughters the same age, actually. 9 and 6. Same age. How do you handle sodas and sugary drinks? I hate them. My kids are always begging me because they go to parties or go to my mother-in-law's. Hello. My mom loves to give them sugary drinks. She'slike, mom, I had coke. And you're like -- I get on the phone with my mother-in-law. And it's hard to avoid, when they go to a baseball game or something. But there's none in our refrigerator. I'm in the same boat as you. And my husband will sneak one. And he has to put it separate. What about facebook? That's another tough one. I think it's really tough. I don't have a facebook. Obviously, none of my kids do. My 6-year-old has facebook. Some 6-year-olds do, though. It's crazy because the access. I'm not worried about them. I'm worried about everybody else. I'm worried about the security. I'm worried about the access they have, the bullying that happens on facebook. The bullying that happens on the internet. What's inappropriate. I mean, you know, I can't be where the kids stare at them all the time. Some of the answers that the moms on the street gave you Not really. I think there is a need and desire for us as moms to keep our children as innocent as we can. And we're trying. Especially in this era. We're trying to balance with all of technology. But I think it was endearing, you know, the alcoholic parties. I think every party I go to, if it's past 5:00. Functions. By the time it gets there, you're jonesing for the wine. It's like, I understand them being there. But it's a hard one. If you have a drive, forget it. It's funny. Speaking of the parenting issues, one of my favorite shows right now is "the middle." We see them with these issues. You're making a guest appearance. Tell me about your rough-and-tumble character. I'm her neighbor. I'm a beer-drinking -- I'm not the epitome of a quality mom. My little kid's in cowboy boots and a diaper. And I drink beer and smoke cigarettes. And it's the antithesis of what I believe in. Exactly, of course. We want to put you on the hot seat a little bit and ask you fun questions. You started so young. What do you like better? Stage or screen, brooke? I'm going to say stage. I love the stage, too. Best vacation destination? Snow or sand? Sand. You said that with such longing. What do you do more? Texting or calling? Calling, actually. All right. Tell us about your girls. Girly girls or tomboys? One's a girlie girl. And one's a tomboy. My situation, too. Tell us your guilty pleasure. It's not. It's beer. I like that. You have a favorite beer? It's belgium. Yeah. And I started drinking it when i was breast-feeding, if you can believe that. There was a maid that said it would make my milk come in. Great. You have been so much fun. We can see brooke on "the middle" on wednesday, at 8:00, 7:00 central. Do you think moms should drink on play dates? Tell us on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Coming up, are you ready for

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{"id":17451323,"title":"Hottest Topics Making the Rounds on Mommy Blogs","duration":"3:00","description":"Brooke Shields investigates the most talked about issues in parenting.","url":"/GMA/video/hottest-topics-making-rounds-mommy-blogs-17451323","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}