'Little House on the Prairie' Actress Writes Children's Book

Melissa Gilbert's book "Daisy and Josephine" is about a young girl, her dad and a French bulldog.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for 'Little House on the Prairie' Actress Writes Children's Book
I'll come on. Cricket stroll down memory lane. You forget -- -- Melissa Gilbert. Captain our hearts and Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie -- the show lives on to this day in three runs and dvds and in our hearts. And our guest is Melissa Gilbert now what that it is a sweet children's book it's called daisy and Josephine about a young girl her dad. And her French Bulldog requests that it is great to see you -- didn't see it doesn't it dean Josephine who is. Part of the inspiration so what are you wearing pushing wearing she acts wearing and she she actually has a stylist I was on my -- this entire trip I had -- -- -- She stylist and named Melissa gamble at ducky tours dot com misses her OT Carrie Bradshaw connect with that -- next in the CD we have our our suffered -- -- -- And our rhinestone high top tennis it would not be complete -- and I do actually of a little pearl necklace and believe the time collar so she's sat. But she's five years old she's five years on and she is -- -- and we -- -- reading of the book yesterday for a bunch of children at a Barnes & Noble here in town and the key to Wear off -- 480 of them all around her touching her and she was so happy -- looked tired. And -- rattled out. She's willing Yoni she had a great day she didn't had a chance to explain much of the city them it was an -- out that -- tough. Deep fat is gone I'm glad I live in Michigan now and I think the polar vortex is stalking me -- Benton oil and you can take it back with you I would -- -- -- -- it's been -- have been at a snowy winter. Winter wonderland you know flat they're just David Levy say this book is so sweet and it's really about -- -- -- -- -- it. -- -- that -- my dad and -- -- I wrote it and I had gone through divorce. And I was dealing with my kids you're older and and and hounded you know helpful instrument and I woke up 1 morning about 4 o'clock morning -- I need to -- For children who don't have didn't dimensional. -- that we think because families -- -- -- these days and that -- of my dad who we just show -- Allentown -- -- an eighteen year I grew up on the road with him before I started school. And down that that's me and my dad I know you -- and a young age I lesson when I was eleven said the book the book is a real tribute to him and it's all in the my teacher -- -- the little girl -- the -- has a teacher who travels on the -- and he is my teacher friends sat on the house -- -- Who took me from fourth grade through my senior year. And the -- -- -- fat. Overcoming -- -- a little awkward girl who doesn't really know how to dress. It dwellings and doesn't have a mom and she's little and comfortable inside. And Josephine comes into her life. And in the end of the book she sings and comes out of her -- -- -- the but when the doors closed -- can walk and talk I think she -- a little -- different -- -- -- legitimate she's French Bubba and he does that at home and ultimately. I thought I Georgia Russia Joseph should do additional O'Donnell I don't know it's an annual I mean because you are an actress Bob May be she would be to what we know that your father probably influenced you. And -- going down memory lane we were able to find you in a commercial wave back when. Take a look Melissa. -- I think you're on two minutes. That's great news. Ice you scratch that's a Spokane maybe and it isn't free press -- -- he never know you never know you never know that I was before a Little House on the Prairie I think reminded. And seven years old when -- did that commercial off well. Thank you for being you for Josephine. And congratulations I know you're married now and life is good so good. So good and this book ice chests 882 dream come true for me and hopefully there will be more that would follow what will. We'll have you back I will gladly and then Josephine we'll speak French would you -- that we week. We -- them. Yeah. Only a week yeah. Right foot and hope that you are -- -- you -- here thank you for everything.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Melissa Gilbert's book \"Daisy and Josephine\" is about a young girl, her dad and a French bulldog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21621030","title":"'Little House on the Prairie' Actress Writes Children's Book","url":"/GMA/video/house-prairie-actress-writes-childrens-book-21621030"}