Houses for Half-Price

With great deals available across the country, you can get a lot for less.
3:17 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Houses for Half-Price
Do you believe that the -- -- this real estate market you can get its house for half price well now you can. It every part of the country there are homes for -- at half the price. They went -- during the bubble years at ABC's Elizabeth previous live in Washington to take -- upon sort please do. -- -- Robin good morning yet we -- housing prices were down but half price. Yes it's true and when you seen these deals and you may want to go shopping. It seemed like it deals. From the we've got a million dollar -- Million dollar property for half price. Valley golf club community outside San Diego. It was his comedian Bill Murray and Korea and he's probably. For the men's golf movie caddy -- Putting her blue Cinderella story this unknown. And if you see that hasn't think this is it another neighbor wrote a song by that name eighties legend Huey Lewis. -- -- This just could be -- high ceilings big bedrooms dream kitchen and at the zoo and last for 990000. Dollars in 2006. List price right now. -- 190 -- its. It's not just California. Throw a dart at a -- at random and -- half -- homes there including. The Atlanta area Philadelphia. Chicago. And even San Francisco. The fact that matters -- know how Boston many parts of the country. Still no realistic contributor Wendy di Simone says it's a great time to -- as -- should keep in mind that today's prices are 50% off of the inflated real estate -- price the market was just crazy with the lending environment the way it was still. Those numbers -- kind of not really reality what is reality is that you can find less expensive homes for half price to. ID theft from the -- that last sold for 5101000. Dollars it's now listed -- 49 -- and check out this historic Victorian in Minnesota with a tiny yard and gleaming kitchen. Current owners -- 239004. At your price. 1101000. Their -- for half priced at every heist -- So what kind of monthly mortgage payment can you expect -- one of these half price comes as the Hawaii house as an example just because we can. At the old price of 5101000. Dollars the monthly payment was 1888. But at today's price of just 249000. The new monthly payment 922. Bucks. Many of these are for closure situations so good idea to have realtors bankers who are experienced with for closures because it can be a little tricky. But what a deal Robin. It can't be tricky but it is a great -- -- -- thank you for bringing that to us and for more on the houses you just solved plus several more that are half price. At our website at Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"With great deals available across the country, you can get a lot for less.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15960469","title":"Houses for Half-Price","url":"/GMA/video/houses-half-price-real-estate-fire-sale-15960469"}