Housing Market Continues to Grow Despite Disappointing Job Numbers

Economists say that mixed economic indicators should not cause immediate panic.
2:13 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for Housing Market Continues to Grow Despite Disappointing Job Numbers
Now to a look at where jobs are in this country. We just had a fresh report saying american employers did not add many new jobs last month. It was disappointing. Wall street did not like it but there are some industries that are hiring and abc's linzie janis has been looking into that. Good morning to you. Good morning, guys. Very lousy report but economists say it isn't time to panic just yet. The housing market is still improving giving consumers a boost that there's one industry powering ahead.It's the symphony of sounds the econompy to hear. While it might be off pitch, the construction industry is still tuned up. Now that the business is picking back up, the subcontractors that I use are trying to draw back in the people that had to leave the industry because there was no work. Reporter: The construction sector added 18,000 jobs in march cording to careerbuilder.Com most of the jobs filled since 2010 were high tech like software developers, mechanical and industrial engineers. American companies hired just 88,000 workers last month. A far cry from the 236,000 new jobs added in february. Businesses got cold feet worrying about the impact of $85 billion this automatic spending cuts that went into effect march 1st. Another eerie discovery the sheer number of people giving up the search. 500,000 americans quit looking for jobs in march. That means they just gave up and so that's how you get the unemployment rate to look lower because you shrink the pool. Reporter: But among the 12 million still searching record numbers of job seekers are turning to trade and vocational schools across the country hoping specialized skills will help them land a job. Contract work and all these will be able to be easily utilized. Enrollment at trade schools is at a record high. Job experts say tweaking your skills or retraining altogether is a good idea. That means adding more technical know-how to your resume. The stock market ended up higher. A lot thinking that meanings the fed will continue to pump money into the economy after the jobs report. Exactly. Great to see you, linzie. This is, of course, the

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{"id":18895463,"title":"Housing Market Continues to Grow Despite Disappointing Job Numbers","duration":"2:13","description":"Economists say that mixed economic indicators should not cause immediate panic.","url":"/GMA/video/housing-market-continues-grow-disappointing-job-numbers-18895463","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}