Houston sports teams step up for Harvey relief

The Astros donated $4 million and JJ Watt has raised over $15 million for relief.
2:23 | 09/03/17

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Transcript for Houston sports teams step up for Harvey relief
??? I've not the heart of a hero ??? Stars in the sports world are stepping up to help the the survivors of hurricane Harvey. They're doe that iing time. Money, and even starting their own relief efforts. And Ron is back with more. Yeah, Paula. Houston is of course the home to pro baseball, football, and basketball teams. The Astros, Texan, and the rockets. Now in the afternmath, some players, teams, and the players themselves are stepping up. Houston, it's good the be home. Reporter: Finally, a big win for Houston. And Kemp hits one toward the middle. Reporter: The Astros returning home on Saturday. And delivering back-to-back victories in a double-herd against the New York mets. Emotional, to see a lot of first responders and just to see the people that had to live that storm is -- it's great for us. Reporter: The Astros organization donating $4 million to Harvey relief efforts on Monday. Not the only hometown athletes lepding support. One of the the stars of football's Houston Texans team generating high watt aj fund-raising. In it's very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help. Reporter: Defensive end J.J. Watt raising over there are 15 million and counting. Houston rockets's star James harden pledging a $1 million donation. We have to find way to push through it. Putting smiles on people's faces. Reporter: Steph curry from the golden state warriors, raising over $100,000, sinking three-pointers on said. And today, the final round of the FedEx golf tournament in Massachusetts, Sergio Garcia, his wife is from south Texas, he's offering $2,000 for each birdie. And $5,000 for each eagle. What about an albatross? Probably double that. And Houston, Texans, they play the first home game this coming Sunday. An emotional homecoming for the saint when they played the first one after Katrina in 2006. I love that this totally exceeded jmt J. Watt's expectations. His initial goal was a few hundred thousand. Now in the millions. And counting. Still going on. Great story. Coming up on "Gma," the 5'2"

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"The Astros donated $4 million and JJ Watt has raised over $15 million for relief.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49594338","title":"Houston sports teams step up for Harvey relief","url":"/GMA/video/houston-sports-teams-step-harvey-relief-49594338"}