Houston's 911 system is overwhelmed with calls for help

Storm victim Haley Isbell speaks to "GMA" while floodwaters continue to rise in her garage.
4:39 | 08/27/17

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Transcript for Houston's 911 system is overwhelmed with calls for help
We talked about how the 911 system in Houston is overelmed. On the phone with us right now is one of those people, Haley, a storm victim. She's in her garage are rising flood waters. I know you're in there with a few other people. What is your such Asian right now? Right now, we're in the garage. We're in about waist deep water. Our whole entire house is flooded up to our waist. Everything is floating. Everything is ruined. Both of our cars is have waters up to, the headrests of them. We have our dogs with us. And -- they're in the truck. The battery died. We had the air running. We're stuck. You know, my uncle, we have him with us. He's disabled. It's a wreck. It's a mess. Have you called for help and what kind of response have you gotten? Um, we called about 3 1/2 hours ago. And they told us an hour and half to two hours that we would get some help. And it's clearly been, you know, quite a bit over that. And since then, we called back to that quite a few times. It's just ringing and no one is answering. So, Haley, I can't imagine how that feels. You're stuck in your garage, have nowhere to go, people you're taking care of who are not able to be as mobile as maybe someone could to get out there and try to get help. Are the waters rising? Tell me what you're feeling, what you're thinking right mow? Yeah, it's really scary. It worried every one of us right here right now. It worries us. It probably rose at least, I would say, it's gone from at least babe two feet within a couple of hours. If not more. It was down to our knees and it's up to our waists. It's only been a couple of hours. And do you have any higher floors to go to in the house? We don't. We do not. And what about neighbors? Um, all of the neighbors are flooded completely like us. Do you have a plan "B" right now? I mean, you know, I'm sure you have heard that the 911 system is overwhelmed. They're doing rescue S as quickly as they can. Do you have a plan "B"? Right now, no. We don't. We're trying to think about the attic. But getting up there with the dogs and really, really difficult. We, now know, my uncle is disabled. That would be really difficult. We don't really have much of an option right now. Haley, do you think, in hindsight, that people should have been told to evacuate? Um, I do. Yes. I definitely do. Tell me about. The storm came through last night. Did you feel like -- did you know the flooding was coming? Were you preparing in any way? Tell me what you were thinking perhaps 4 hours ago compared to where you are right now the. 4 hours ago, we were preparing for power outage. You know. Flooding not so much. We knew there was going to be rain. But this morning, we woke up. Everything was okay. The power hasn't gone off at ourous yet. We mainly prepared for power outage. So we didn't expect this. That's incredible. You said you woke up today and everything was fine. It was completely fine. The sun was shining when we woke up today. It rained here and there. But efg was completely fine when we woke up. Compare that to where you are now. It's a disaster. Really scary. You don't know when you're going to get out of here. We're pulling for you. It sounds like a horrible situation. Hayl erk ys is Isbell, we wish you nothing but the best. Hang in there, please. Not only is the scary part -- her situation, but it has to be replicated in dozens and dozens and hundreds of homes in that area. It makes you feel physically ill for the people in that situation. She's caring for her family and her pets. Coming up on "Gma," we're going the to continue to our

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Storm victim Haley Isbell speaks to \"GMA\" while floodwaters continue to rise in her garage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49447916","title":"Houston's 911 system is overwhelmed with calls for help","url":"/GMA/video/houstons-911-system-overwhelmed-calls-49447916"}