's Favorite Proposals

Founder and CEO of the site that lets women to share engagement details stops by for Valentine's Day.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for's Favorite Proposals
The CEO of how many asked. Idea of some of your favorite story yes Al -- dot com we feature tons of proposals and we actually have come up captured so it's amazing and video that -- it on his camera -- I know his mind was not captured. Maybe I was only -- and that beautiful image floods in new trends are that wary of the upcoming months we'll be captured and you give of the shares. Enjoyment everybody have a go on how to adapt and high I say that I -- managed to ask her what you do because that go about your front of a surveillance camera just get it on camera and -- -- -- -- you remember it isn't easily remembered the I don't know if you -- -- -- company Gaza cannot but you know we see a blacked out. The president we have is Luke and charity has tell us about -- -- Stella living charity this is great as it was pride that the they had their family -- so they hadn't had family who. -- they Wear and productions and they are shooting as the video for rat is there. Production company and they wanted to have a couple is getting any -- -- -- -- that they use this couple as a -- -- And so Lucas so cute he's recommending Raymond getting on one knee and charity is saying yeah -- looks -- just looks bad and in -- -- that it turns into an actual. Okay. -- and yes and she that she was flabbergasted and so excited it's stuff -- the lots and they can we also have children. I -- hi are you -- have had to go to kill a hot in. The had a great night. I meant so he is something which is trending huge lately it's incorporating all of the memories from your relationship but -- important friends and family into -- proposal. So what he's dead why is -- had all of their friends and family -- little love notes for her and he decorated his parents' backyard an all these gorgeous romantic flights. I'm with these photos and notes printed sounds a lot of five. I still can't watch this without tearing up and she is just adorable and -- you know after he says all the great words about what you know she means to him and and obviously he's someone easily on -- happens hanging out Valencia went down -- here the amenities -- I was coming can -- -- now. I know it's part snow in -- you're -- -- Analysts what is -- everyday I -- yeah. Yeah okay it's what about John Dean against. Well -- -- John and so this is super cute I'm -- -- section event planner and so they were also shooting a promotional video. And so they had you know the -- business partners have there. -- boyfriends and husbands -- to help and a lack CNET you know his her business partner said let's have the boys get another shot this -- ES -- -- -- I happen next for crying confetti out now with. There doesn't it out for the photography of it isn't open up. -- -- -- Obama get -- I'm scared -- it here on -- need people coming here -- nothing and just give us. -- yeah. You -- it isn't like it I'm just -- initiate any wilder. Do you still think doesn't I've been doing this for two and a half here is an average story submitted to how -- asked I -- and original lineup. Thank you spent many -- the -- I get hundreds and hundreds. In the month -- you want more I want my hand and -- -- -- you -- should also -- you know and you know -- found Wednesday as. Tons of tons of engagement -- Americans I don't know I think pictures coming GAAP GAAP. So what are we seeing you're seeing ask friends and family involved just really very -- -- lots of things over the holiday is in the moment isn't likely nationally and love that 10 yeah. So huge trend is having photographers capture it like we sent but the vote rally at how well -- up front and get the latest hot hot head gasket kit only might that not. Yeah hot hot and this what I left the Chicago -- was Warren Jensen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to finally have his picture for accurately so much the emotions going had no clue yet upcoming weekend. On how you can see their faces I now that's not -- I have yeah club. He'll be safe what we -- -- stage and do it again. Fairly subdued that not loving your right hand on the look. I think you so much for yeah. Sinai yeah story isn't so great happy downtrend and -- -- an area.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Founder and CEO of the site that lets women to share engagement details stops by for Valentine's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22497167","title":"'s Favorite Proposals","url":"/GMA/video/howheasked-blog-women-share-marriage-proposal-stories-valentines-22497167"}