Huge Ice Jams Melt, Cause Floods

Water frozen during the polar vortex is overflowing from rivers.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for Huge Ice Jams Melt, Cause Floods
dangerous weather this wint person foking out power for tens of thousands. Now, ice is a problem for people where the polar vortex hit last week. Reporter: Ice jam invasion. This morning, warmer weather from illinois to upstate new york causing chunks of ice to build up. Triggering rivers tooverflow into neighborhoods. And forcing rescues. One drive northern ohio brought to safety after nearly two feet of water surrounded her car. Up to ten feet of water in west seneca, new york. Families there carried out by bulldoz bulldozers. Homes left waterlogged. Two floors all the way to the top. The cars are underwater. Reporter: The water wasn't rising, but freezing overnight in chicago, where three people plunged into the highs si chicago river, leaving one dead and another from critical condition. The third person is still missing. A different sort of ice issue in maine. This was the scene from inside a passenger jet. Plane slipped right off the runway. Wins also a problem. Oh, no, look at that! Reporter: Record-breaking gust ifs raleigh, north carolina, this week end, ploeg down what was to be a brand-new home, like a house of cards. 86-mile-per-hour wind gusts. Hurling trees on to homes. One woman died after being struck by a fallen tree limb. Another woman nearly electrocuted. She got caught up at that transformer. If she was there thein a few seconds, she would have been electrocuted. Up until last night, the delaware river was frozen over. The good news, no flooding or ice jams expected over the next week. All right, gio.

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{"id":21511119,"title":"Huge Ice Jams Melt, Cause Floods","duration":"3:00","description":"Water frozen during the polar vortex is overflowing from rivers.","url":"/GMA/video/huge-ice-jams-melt-floods-21511119","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}