Jackman Says 'Wolverine' Role Calms Personal Temper

Actor discusses how reprising his role as the Marvel superhero provides personal "therapy."
3:22 | 07/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jackman Says 'Wolverine' Role Calms Personal Temper
So great to have our next guest join us. Hugh jackman, clawing his way back into theaters as the wolverine. This is the sixth time with the character. Actually filming the seventh. Yeah. You've really gotten to know him. The last few years. Yeah. I have to say, I'm enjoying it more than ever. I'm loving it. You get to dive into his character. Determines who he is, what he does, what it's like to be 200 or 300 years old, with not so great memories. You're 200, 300 years old. Never a good idea. I'd be tempted. To mess with the wolverine. Good point. You put a hit on his daughter. That's right. Wait. No. You want -- I didn't like it. Oh. How did you know there was a pool down there? I didn't. Thankfully there was. You mention immortality. And this is an intriguing premise. Wolverine is immortal. But he's offered the gift of immortality. What's your take on it? If we had a chance to live forever, would we? Or wouldn't we? I'd probably want a good 24 hours to think about it. I couldn't turn it down flat. It's the quality of life. What's your purpose? And I think that's what he has to find in this movie. And it's about making a peace with a rage that's seized in him every movie. I did read where there were some anger issues for you at one point in your life. What are you talking about? Does it help you plug in? I love it. I got my first walkoff. You want me to cry? Have you had a cry? Take it across the spectrum. Really, I was a hot-tempered kid. I do have a temper if I don't eat at a certain time. I'll be very grumpy. But this is like therapy. Honestly, the last 13 years, I've been playing him. And I'm much happier. Fans had great questions for you. Yeah. First, this one comes from steph. She writes, I love your singing voice. You'd you evero a solo record? Steph, that's a good question. I did have a go at one once. And it wasn't great. Maybe we combine wolverine and the singing. We could combine and do duets. That would be a best-seller. Another viewer wants to know, have you ever been in a bar and had someone want to fight wolverine? Actually, no. I was expecting that. I wondered if there were a few people that would want to pick a fight. They're thinking about titanium claws. Exactly. My favorite is when I see 6-year-old or 7-year-old kids. They have no idea it's fake. Their parents are like, take a photo with him. And they're freaking out. Terrific. It's the sixth. There's a seventh on the way. "The wolverine." Hugh jackman, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"id":19770408,"title":"Jackman Says 'Wolverine' Role Calms Personal Temper","duration":"3:22","description":"Actor discusses how reprising his role as the Marvel superhero provides personal \"therapy.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hugh-jackman-wolverine-interview-2013-gma-actor-role-19770408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}