Huma Abedin Announces Split From Anthony Weiner

Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide, made the announcement after a new sexting scandal involving her husband was made public.
2:34 | 08/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Huma Abedin Announces Split From Anthony Weiner
We move on to that bombshell involving Hillary Clinton's closest aide, huma abedin announcing she's separating from her husband amid reports of another sexting scandal, the third one for Weiner who is forced to resign from congress five years ago when the first secret ones became public. Reporter: Sources tell me Hillary Clinton's closest aide has been with her family and her boss in the Hamptons where Clinton has been fund-raising. Her son right there with her. This announcement of the separation did not come as a surprise to people close to abedin. As you said this is the third time in five years Anthony Weiner finds himself at the center of some very embarrassing headlines. Just about as soon as this tabloid cover hit newsstands huma abedin hit send on a statement announcing her split from Anthony Weiner saying after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband. This latest allegation accusing Weiner of sexting with a woman while his young son was next to him in bed. It comes after a sexting stand dag in 2011 that forced him to resign from office. Weiner heckled as he made the announcement. I'm announcing my resignation from congress. Then two years later another sexting scandal. It doomed his bid for mayor. Let me just reiterate to my wife how sorry I am. Reporter: Behind the scenes -- a documentary filming all the cringe worthy moments. It's like having a nightmare. Reporter: But in front of the cameras abedin stood by her man. I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him. Reporter: Sources tell ABC news the couple has been estranged for months. Their last known public outing in may on the red carpet at the met gala. Abedin, Hillary Clinton's closest aide, has been in the Clinton's inner circle for two decades. She and Weiner even married by the former president. Donald Trump turning the separation into a political attack. He's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married to him. Reporter: Calling it an issue of national security. Huma abedin has access to classified information. It's very likely that much of this information Anthony Weiner would know about. Reporter: Well, you heard Donald Trump there. He is not holding back so is the Clinton campaign worried that this will be a distraction for them? They don't seem to be, George, one source telling me huma has to do what's best for her and her family.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide, made the announcement after a new sexting scandal involving her husband was made public.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41737423","title":"Huma Abedin Announces Split From Anthony Weiner","url":"/GMA/video/huma-abedin-announces-split-anthony-weiner-41737423"}