'The Hunger Games' Conquers 'Twilight'

Blockbuster becomes the highest-grossing non-sequel in an opening weekend ever.
2:09 | 03/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' Conquers 'Twilight'
-- -- that -- the boys. The first film and -- hunger games trilogy took in a staggering 155 million dollars in North America alone. -- its opening weekend in Hollywood. History. The film raked in nearly twenty million dollars in advance ticket sales. NATO says its web -- peaked at one for selling seventeen tickets per second. Move over where -- vampires the hunger games about a -- still -- -- society and forced 24 hits the battle for the death brought. Twilight Saga beating out twilight new moves 2009 weekend debut. Hunger games director Gary Ross says he's thrilled about it silver screen success. -- -- Driven by a mix of popular newcomers he -- Hollywood heavyweights. We have that position -- do it into an opportunity to kind of feel the movie and and let it grow -- do you think we have a winner and there are few actors as great as Donald Sutherland. Playing the -- -- president -- a role expanded the that the talents of the legendary star -- -- in new scenes that could kind of hope. Expand upon. What president -- -- -- think he's seen those I wrote those words you.

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{"id":16002126,"title":"'The Hunger Games' Conquers 'Twilight'","duration":"2:09","description":"Blockbuster becomes the highest-grossing non-sequel in an opening weekend ever.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-conquers-twilight-box-office-16002126","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}