'The Hunger Games' Star Reveals Tough Film Prep

Jennifer Lawrence explains learning parkour, yoga and archery to play "Katniss."
2:50 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' Star Reveals Tough Film Prep
Okay. Good Morning America -- Oh my goodness this is how you roll. I was crying out about in the morning. I ask you this inside are you ready for this fall that comes with what this film is going to bring you. -- I don't mean that is ready to get the candy business is no way to prepare heard people screaming in your face like any good way hit. This is a weird -- -- just as I don't sound right -- -- Boy -- -- -- with the political time I have with -- you very humbled by Paul all of this and I have ever let me say. Why we did it take -- three days. To the side on this role but everyone wanted. This is he he's decision and I felt like can be made just another phone call -- it's well and they -- is needed if this is not a lot of decisions that you make that will change your life forever and I don't let -- go back and you know I was decides I didn't know I was ready for my licenses here in this direction and -- and move but ultimately I loved I loved the script on the character and and the -- and the director and miss you really don't Kansas. You know I've heard you say that. That and this is such an athletic role get a deal done and his intruder had to learn how to run properly all the mountain Clemens -- -- The library night hypocrite I really you know real problem. I'm excited about another run put my feet straight and then they ended up just taking my -- to make my -- out I'm really didn't -- and I am now because you do a lot of running. And I know your Mamas watch a film we don't earlier than a lot of NFL Bob what -- still another clip here because Stanley Tucci there's so this is phenomenal cast Hank Stanley Tucci. -- is interviewing you if you well before the game's greatest. -- one more question for you. It's about his sister. We were all they moved I think when. You volunteered for her to -- Did she come and say the finding. She -- And what did you say to her. In the end. Until -- that I can't win. -- -- -- -- Of course you did. Yeah. The. I don't know some of them and I mean all these great -- and somebody that you have the cast calling mr. Kravitz. Lanny very well don't you may June yankees my best friend's dad so -- -- -- -- Travis to -- And in a change -- on -- -- sediment and Donald. What you were -- his daughter next good -- yes yeah that's something that's eight. Take you to Paris and tried it. Puts you Kelly revealed he wanted to put some -- -- -- each write about culture and -- -- -- together does that leave them but elegant and my career and art is behind yeah I like -- again with the naked people but. Yeah -- he has a beautiful house and then Harrison and you love us to strangle her weekends play due to our magic on screen together -- we examine the role he didn't know that you were. In the movie ever -- -- Jennifer Lawrence is like yeah she was -- in my -- I want. Couple did you look at how we have some tough questions from our audience if you don't why would you know what do not good -- -- -- first question. Before being cast and then -- had yard he read the royals. Yes I was a massive fan and rattling all three of them in four days and then I found out about an -- Houston's like. Can -- -- as someone -- had not read the books yet. You can completely follow in the movie you know it's really -- eleven crew some of us had read the books and others hadn't. And it was interesting how we both came added looking and -- so yeah -- I'm so it's good that he did greater power. What other questions can he had a microphone to her. What did they Christine the issue and hunger games a -- almost daily teaching him because he was -- -- -- we have been. Out in the woods her like three months and I. Ready to be inside and then -- the Stanley Tucci is unbelievable is an incredible actor. And it's also really cool turning point -- cabinets because that's when she realizes that it's a game and she's got play along and businesses closing in. Yeah Jennifer Lawrence -- talk to you don't have just. And a Seventeen Magazine they -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. That's fine but you have said yeah. Is somebody with you not give -- more comfortable -- right you're not. -- -- and I in the -- I checked into the hotel any other -- -- What we'd love about it congratulations -- On and we'll see it on Friday -- hundred games opens on Friday and your costar Josh just said. We'll be here tomorrow and the -- and he.

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{"id":15969333,"title":"'The Hunger Games' Star Reveals Tough Film Prep","duration":"2:50","description":"Jennifer Lawrence explains learning parkour, yoga and archery to play \"Katniss.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-jennifer-lawrence-interview-star-reveals-tough-15969333","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}