'The Hunger Games' Star's Role of a Lifetime

Jennifer Lawrence plays "Katniss," a young heroine fighting for her life.
2:25 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' Star's Role of a Lifetime
Yeah. The medal of our blockbuster hunger games week here -- -- we have been getting ready for the release of -- of us. Hottest films of the year were so excited that -- Jennifer Lawrence here. Where does she is that parents fighting for -- a lot of talk to Jennifer -- -- -- what's the pay ninety. You can Arianna -- somebody's -- -- -- The hunger games. -- -- -- -- She is literally the girl on fire Jennifer Lawrence this year's it girl. Both on the big screen of. -- -- -- -- By storm. At hunger games premieres in -- -- -- at Los Angeles. -- probably is not going to be a bigger star than Jennifer Lawrence after this weekend she is poised for international stardom since movies for how hurt -- household. Nominated for Oscar last year for her role in winter's bone the 21 year old Kentucky native is catapulting to superstar. Play that sixteen year old cat has ever seen in the first installment on the hotly anticipated -- the hunger games. I think every young star in -- was probably trying to get the part of -- asks Jennifer Lawrence exudes this sort of this inner toughness while still being super pretty and super label of Take Two young girls. Currently on the cover of countless magazines. Jennifer has said it took her three days to decide -- taking this role of a lifetime. And what could be the biggest film of the year -- expected to rake in 100 million dollars -- opening weekend alone. But for fans of all ages it's all about cat yes a character brimming with girl power. The bravery. Is Indians in the hunger games cat has lives and a post apocalyptic world. Where she is forced to fight to the death -- order to save her twelve year old sister the game of survival -- broadcast live for the world to see. With their life on the line -- This is not only competing to survive in the arena but is emotionally torn she has feelings for her best friend Gayle played by William -- -- But when her competitor -- played by Josh Hutchinson announces his love for her to the world. One. She's taken on -- action packed -- emotional roller coaster.

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{"id":15969276,"title":"'The Hunger Games' Star's Role of a Lifetime","duration":"2:25","description":"Jennifer Lawrence plays \"Katniss,\" a young heroine fighting for her life.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-jennifer-lawrence-stars-role-lifetime-katniss-15969276","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}