'The Hunger Games'' Josh Hutcherson on New Fame

Star discusses his new-found fame and training for highly anticipated film.
6:03 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for 'The Hunger Games'' Josh Hutcherson on New Fame
Open waiting for this man right here and -- budgets in the breakout star. -- hundred and everybody. -- and I'm -- at Virginia lucky -- the kids are all right you very much and so this is nothing new but it is -- isn't. Is very it is always there is very near you know you have his fifth minute -- -- over the over the last ten years -- and there's so -- -- -- -- I think they're very different as I've heard there's an -- a different different -- lose this and as a whole. -- otherwise you can see. This kind of and anybody media buys and how to handle this the phenomenon they don't think it. The best of -- -- archives from my from my family is kind of. I've been raised the belief that you have featured yourself and -- and knowledge based in UK it is obviously incredible when you know. To listen to all the good things all the bad things you know you just exchanging ideas excited about being in the matter what I love does Kentucky roots -- -- you. Just like -- -- But I'm Josh I dare you are you know that people can say then uses -- -- Yeah. You know you've made it that's a lot does a lot. I'm the neighbors it -- me I don't somebody very happy are you ready -- -- -- just dial one man who. I don't know what am -- doing here you very much -- business. Quiet little bit -- -- -- that we had Jennifer Lawrence here yesterday dog and she is going on and on and on about you Leno is here at best earlier in the -- -- this clip is you and happiness does character but she plays tonight before we actually going to -- -- -- This -- that's Nixon did -- yeah yeah yeah. Healthy change -- I don't know. Who determines -- and I just -- be another piece of -- came you know. I just keep wishing I think the way to assure them that they don't own me. -- -- -- -- I -- still being -- -- -- -- -- Earlier Josh about who you are not wanting to change your characters the same way now look -- those people who have not read the bluntly. And they -- gearing -- just. You describe what this movie is all about yeah you know it's it's amazing story about this this futuristic version America's gonna -- country -- pan am and it's very kind of momma talker Seabury -- -- government has taken over and and they say they -- forces random boys and girls in different districts. They're going to battle every year on the city's hunger games only once Americans out of the story about struggle to survive and live in this in this very harsh kind of -- -- future. And we were talking to Jennifer and to -- him about it they're talking -- that's very physical. And -- -- admitted they actually had to lose weight. They gain -- ever -- you want. Like go to like the McDonald's and Taco Bell enjoy that kind of there was I had to -- like chicken and Mike fish -- -- -- the very intense protein type. -- outside of work out an ex navy seal trainers like this crazy guy that -- makes it awful things in my body but I guess we're for the -- so I gotta pay dividends. Pounds of muscle yesterday as pretty as pretty intense they think is really had to lose fifteen pounds and Kaiser brown I have litigated about not a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of our bodies Jefferson -- we're not -- the -- white castle incidents he told us all down and and I'm opposed -- it's that really that there is such a bond between the radio and the entire cast we have. Donald Sutherland is coming here on Monday that all the talk about it. And I know you really thrilled to work with Woody Harrelson because he was -- one of those movies that you really like this again white men can't jump that it comes on I'll watch the entire thing regardless I love that raised an ever movies -- let me messengers -- he's so. Johnson is a diverse and asked him what he brings his movie as images it's incredible -- the great human being on top related to somebody that. Believes in great things you know I really dislike him and I. Maybe -- -- at least in my mind so. That's a bit I love and I'm sure he feels the same way it's Jennifer was going on on about her relationship with Lenny Kravitz always present -- Israel's and the whole cast of Mike. -- lawyers -- a guy that played. You know peacekeeper and number eleven like every single person on the -- who it was so great and so talented and I think we're in the camps and towns and you very busy I'm. He started shooting the second the sequel to -- and they just sort of register but he's still have enough going on don't you. Quite a -- yeah I just an item also across the state so -- the Jurassic five days of five seasons is not a crazy and then that would of the year pathologist in London Paris Berlin and Toronto. The last five days I was kind of nonstop but the project you are going to be an executive producer gonna have a your first reduce tension and yes I -- a -- that a couple of years ago that's an amazing. Movie about his high -- -- -- his time telling advisors killer was the school it's exactly what's funny gimmick behind the cameras always want to do so. That is wonderful but you -- take a little -- of a break from all of this hysteria a little bay gadgets Avery were joined at fair assessment of -- solid jump back in about three seconds. I know you're ready for two actually hit the screens and we don't have to wait much longer -- I. That night and serves -- -- -- Why don't my.

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{"id":15977605,"title":"'The Hunger Games'' Josh Hutcherson on New Fame","duration":"6:03","description":"Star discusses his new-found fame and training for highly anticipated film.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-josh-hutcherson-fame-15977605","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}