'The Hunger Games' Star on Flick's Love Triangle

Liam Hemsworth also discusses why he wanted to watch the premiere alone.
5:45 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' Star on Flick's Love Triangle
Okay. -- -- -- -- the -- million. Okay. And the. Want the competition of survival. Teams in a fight for their lives that only one of them can win. Hunger games the bestselling teen novel now -- wildly anticipated film tells of a future where 44 kids are chosen at random. Even the annual hunger games. Broadcasts live from his post apocalyptic world. This everything we played by Jennifer Lawrence is not only fighting for life in the arena. But -- content epic love -- she has feelings for her best friend Gayle played by young heartthrob William Hemsworth and. Kattengell -- -- you don't wouldn't start. Let's go I'll see you soon OK. But when her fellow Tribune freedom when he played by Josh -- and announces. World things are about to get -- -- -- Regis on the tape piece here characters actually part of -- love triangle -- actually is back home as she goes up to fight hunger games. But this is not a full blown romance that we see in the twilight series this is being compared to. Now I'm at this point -- -- numbing -- callous grown up together that best friends. There is no. Anything romantic at this point in the -- -- -- -- -- -- around a little confused about their feelings about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- that we're waiting here in the predawn hours it's fair to say that this is a full blown phenomenon I know though that when you saw this movie for the first time you actually want to see it alone you were so nervous but today. Yeah I I I requested the -- because. I think because it was so much expect Tyson already known and seen the film I really didn't -- -- Now that I've seen I feel right it -- I felt his pain and everyone in this I think Gary Ross. An incredible turn of the. The threat I -- having seen it myself no worries there and you want to show everybody -- of the film right here we're gonna see you saying goodbye. To catch -- just before she goes off power to compete in the games take a look the hunger games. Companion. I -- -- -- stronger than they are you -- -- well and then have a good showing how good you won't they just wanted to show that's all they want. A cinema from -- when you make one could you know how to hunt. This -- -- can only one from time. The up to the games themselves something I wasn't actually prepared so yeah it's powerful women I was. I'll always over the book from as a fan of the books in the script was amazing as well that this film is -- -- -- -- an investment -- -- -- try to rebuild. I -- just -- in the whole time through the this is not your first and January -- the Hollywood veteran but this. Was on its way. Are you fully prepared -- for this. -- never run at something quite as big events so it's been it's been pretty exotic meaning and and Sam actually. You actually in this is again this is the first three films you actually eat in certain parts of the -- this okay. What went into your preparation -- Hello not a lot of eating that was that was kind of the biggest thing my brother -- about a month out before that shooting in. I guess he'd heard that I was -- -- Johnson and gangs some whites who said it's cold hungry again and waving guns. So -- took that and -- trying to plug and not -- a -- left -- lost. Whether I was just Hutchison's -- -- he got you on the flight test which is a -- -- -- Yeah yeah we got even a white castle exist we went to Kentucky -- from. And now we had white castle and thought it was a good idea of what possible runoff -- -- We threw up a little bit -- -- that's not. That's -- body everybody wants not a real bomb hidden. You mentioned Chris percent of the -- -- enemy in the war what he had to say. This you know pentagon an iconic character you were about you say yeah minutes United's -- to have someone has kind of been through a lot of before him. He's one of my biggest Romo -- Just like that limited him. It's not just a few and Josh is also to Jennifer Lawrence. -- -- need to see him if you've just got to carry them a lot of this time she did first -- -- in mind -- -- One of the best actress -- -- -- equipment maintenance I don't that now. Which is perfect cholesterol to -- -- targets of life extremely bright distant young and doing really extraordinary things that it's such a young guys and she is that. So we're gonna see again the second film -- in production shortly. Hopefully that I think -- I think we'll we'll publish it -- and -- -- Again in Hemsworth is something -- -- -- very much appreciate your time manager Jennifer Jennifer Lawrence will be here tomorrow. Just Hutchison with whom he bonded in a very unique way here. Yeah. Yeah. --

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{"id":15960381,"title":"'The Hunger Games' Star on Flick's Love Triangle","duration":"5:45","description":"Liam Hemsworth also discusses why he wanted to watch the premiere alone.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-star-liam-hemsworth-flicks-love-triangle-15960381","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}