Golfer Discusses Leaving Potential $1M Prize for Premature Baby

Golfer Hunter Mahan says he was "shocked" when wife Kandi went into labor three weeks early.
3:59 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for Golfer Discusses Leaving Potential $1M Prize for Premature Baby
Right now, he is really a $1 million baby. Pro golfer hunter mahan, was leading when he left the course to be there with for the birth of his first child. Now, hunter, mother and babe join us live from their home in dallas. How are you feeling? And how is little zoey? Zoey's perfect. And I'm feeling really well. I think as good as I can feel. I had an awesome delivery. And to see her little sweet face, it's so special. We're on cloud nine. We're so in love with her. There's a lot of oohs and ahs right here in the studio. Hunter, so many people saw you. You're leading the golf tournament halfway through, up there in ontario, canada. You get the call. The phone is handed to you. Just express to us what you were feeling at that moment and what was said to you? Well, I -- my agent gave me the phone. And he says, you've got great news. And I was kind of like, well, that's good. And I assumed it was like -- the fact it was three weeks early, was shocking. I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Her water broke. And she was ready to go. It was a surprise. Yeah. The best thing about it was, her water broke, it was so defw definit definitive. If it wasn't, and back and forth, it would have been difficult to make a decision. But luckily, it was -- it was fantastic to leave there and come home. You knew. And as you said, you thought the baby was coming, everybody thought it was coming later. Were you worried that he wasn't going to get there in time? You know, we had discussed this over and over again. We knew he was traveling the four weeks prior to my due date. So, my first concern was, i wanted to know if I was for sure in labor. And my doctor, thank goodness he was on call. He met me in triage and said, you're in labor. We called hunter, immediately. And chris, his agent, was working on his flight home. The doctor assured me, she wouldn't be there in the next few hours. He would have time to make it. The time I was admitted waiting to hunter to arrive was like 30 seconds. It went by so fast. It was good. I got to relax. Then, once he arrived, everything was perfect. Hunter, as well, you mentioned the traveling. You were there in scotland for the open championship, the british open. And you were on the leaderboard, late sunday. How were you able to focus on the task at hand, knowing especially had it been a week earlier, you would have been a whole different trip home? Yeah. That would have been much more difficult. I felt pretty comfortable leaving both days. It was almost five weeks before her due date and everything. It's an easy kind of trip there. And it shouldn't be too bad coming back, if I have to come back. That would have been really unexpected. Boy, I'm glad it happened when it did. We made it back. And, gosh, I got to see it. That was the most important thing. How beautiful. Just gorgeous. And brant snedeker, he won the tournament in canada. And said he was going to give you a really nice gift. We're thinking college tuition would be a nice gift. That's what we were thinking. Wonderful. You do that. Congratulations. Beautiful baby girl. We're glad you made it home, hunter. You look fantastic. That's great. Thanks for having us. Upped the bar for brad there.

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{"id":19825571,"title":"Golfer Discusses Leaving Potential $1M Prize for Premature Baby","duration":"3:59","description":"Golfer Hunter Mahan says he was \"shocked\" when wife Kandi went into labor three weeks early.","url":"/GMA/video/hunter-mahan-interview-2013-golfer-discusses-leaving-potential-19825571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}