Hurricane Isaac Leaves Flood Threat on Gulf Coast

Parts of Louisiana face rising flood waters even as storm moves north.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Isaac Leaves Flood Threat on Gulf Coast
Switching gears to the latest on isaac's fallout. The extreme team was out in force nine days running. So many are facing a threat of flooding from isaac as it continues to move inland. Unbelievable the pictures we're seeing from this area. Our ryan owens joins us from new orleans. Good morning, ryan. Reporter: Sam, good morning to you. It's been anything but a relaxing holiday weekend for the people here. The good news is almost all of the rivers and lakes are slowly rece receding. The one is the pearl river. These are some of the homes still in danger of flooding this morning. They sit along the pearl river in st. Tammany parish. It's supposed to crest later today. Shannon is working to clean up the mess isaac left last week. She's drying out family photos and hoping she'll not have to evacuate her 4-year-old daughter again. Are you worried the water will come back up again? It might. I can't worry. There's nothing I can do about it. If we're told to leave, we will and deal with it. Reporter: There are so many people here just trying to deal with it. Hundreds of houses have had no electricity, no air conditioning, for six days. I can't take the heat. Reporter: The heat index this weekend stopped 105 as storm victims struggled to clean up. It's steaming hot. We are surviving off the generator. Reporter: There is some relief in sight. Intergy says they expt 90% of their customers will have the power on, and more importantly the air conditioning today, by the end of the day. We should point out, the president of the united states will be here this afternoon visiting with some of isaac's victims. Sam? Always important to make the trip down, especially when folks have had a tough time from a storm like this. One of the most -- I think important moments of the storm. Ginger zee is live beside us. Not just the flooding. We expected that. We expected the winds. But 44 tornadoes from the system as it moved up through america's heartland. That was an incredible number. We don't usually see that many. It's all weekend and continues the severe weather threat. You believe we're stil talking about this guy. It's not isaac anymore. Not remnants or leftovers. It means a whole lot of rain in a whole lot of places from the carolinas through atlanta, birmingham today. One to two inches. Tomorrow, here's where it gets interesting. Everybody is going back to school and work. You get two to three inches from north of philadelphia to boston. I have to leave you with the severe threat today in the south. Atlanta, you're included in there. Back to sam and lara.

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{"id":17141138,"title":"Hurricane Isaac Leaves Flood Threat on Gulf Coast","duration":"3:00","description":"Parts of Louisiana face rising flood waters even as storm moves north.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-isaac-aftermath-leaves-flood-threat-rising-waters-17141138","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}