Hurricane Sandy Closes Entire Cities

The storm has forced city officials to shut down public transportation.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Closes Entire Cities
virtual ghost town. Sandy has forced officials to shut down the subways for the second time in its history. Josh is out on times square with the very latest. Josh, you're pretty move alone out there. It's virtually empty here in times square. As the first rain drops begin to fall. You take a look at the subway station behind me. Virtually empty. Again, any other day it would be bustling with commuters. All part of new york's plan to deal with the superstorm. Reporter: This morning, the largest transit system in the country shut down. Threats of massive flooding closing new york's 850 miles of subways, trains and buses through discuss morning, affecting some 9 million impurities. This is month ago to play with. This is nothing to take lightly. Reporter: New york city trains are especially vulnerable to floods and damages. The underground station lie under the water line. Overnight, the mta prepared 300 pump rooms and portable track pumps to deal with the worst case scenario. Water damage causing commuters to be stranded indefinitely. Don't want to damage the equipment and have a real problem getting the system up and running. Reporter: Major cities up and down the east coast are taking similar precautions. New jersey's transit system that moving nearly 1 million commuters every day also coming to a halt. New jersey transit will face a wide shut down. Stay home and stay safe. Reporter: In philadelphia, nearly 350,000 commuters are looking for other ways to get around this morning and further south in d.C. The washington metro is closed off for some 800,000 riders. As amy mentioned again this is the second time in the city's history that all commuter service has been shut down. Just over a year ago, it happened in the advent of hurricane irene. But, george, as people look to get to work this morning, officials hope they'll just stay

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{"id":17587377,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Closes Entire Cities","duration":"3:00","description":"The storm has forced city officials to shut down public transportation.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-closes-entire-cities-nj-transit-nyc-17587377","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}