Where Will Hurricane Sandy Hit and What to Expect

A look at what the East Coast can expect when Hurricane Sandy hits.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Where Will Hurricane Sandy Hit and What to Expect
A real sense of where the storm is now and what it's going to do when it makes land fall. It's marching up the east coast. Our extreme weather team has the very latest starting with sam champion who's in battery park city, a low-lying neighborhood that's high alert. Sam? Good morning. You can see why. If you look right behind us, all of that is new york harbor, where we're standing right here, three feet from coming up. Now, we'll talk a little bit about that amtrak and subway issue. Roads and trains like am rank the, they're susceptible to trees down. You're looking at three feet of water before it pops the area here, all of that water runs where? Into subways. . That's the biggest concern. They may have to close down s and subways. Lot of weather problems. It's not just the storm surge, it's wind, it's flooding rains and the kickback, more rain will run off from wherever that heavy rain is going. So, with all of that, let's show you where the track of this storm is, so you're prepared. Right on track. Hurricane center hasn't changed much at all. Knowing that this thing is curving up the coastline by monday, making that left-hand turn on to the jersey shore, making it land fall from jersey shore, central jersey to somewhere in long island. As ginger zee is about to show you, it's doesn't matter much other than the coastal weather effects where this storm is going. I'm going to go to matt gutman first, this storm breezed by matt is. Look at that, matt is standing in what looks like seaseafoam. Good morning, matt. Reporter: What's so shocking about this storm, it's about 200 miles off the coast and still we're getting all of this weather. This looks like snow, but it's seafoam. It's kicking up all of this wind and wave action ands toing all of this stuff inland. That's a big concern here. This is just a sliver of what folks forther up north and mid-atlantic going to see. Lot of folks accustomed to storms like this, like hurricanes, haven't seen it. This is the biting cold ts accompanying it. I'm wearing multiple layers of clothing right now. It's so wet. The combination of wind, rain, all of this storm surge coming in, pushing up against here, exploding these waves, exploding against the pier, it's going to make it very, very complicated and messy for a lot of folks out there. Ginger? Hey, matt. Can't hear you with all of the seafoam in my face. But look at how angry that ocean is on that shoreline and we're expecting this storm to make a curve and move onshore, somewhere near where our ginger zee is right now. Ginger is in atlantic city. As we're pointing out, it practically doesn't matter where this storm makes land fall, such a big storm with so many problems. It is. All of the ves, anywhere coastally, from jersey, up to long island, it's going to been issue. Already starting to see the water pile up. A little bit of seafoam. We got a little barrier that's happening right before that iconic boardwalk. That's what they're concerned about. You the water surge. I want to show you the breadth of that storm and how --

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{"id":17581916,"title":"Where Will Hurricane Sandy Hit and What to Expect","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at what the East Coast can expect when Hurricane Sandy hits.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-hit-expect-17581916","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}