Hurricane Sandy: HMS Bounty Crew Rescued Off NC

Vice Admiral Robert Parker discusses the rescue of the tall ship's crew.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy: HMS Bounty Crew Rescued Off NC
Capitalism a dramatic rescue at sea the Coast Guard pulling sixteen people -- a tall ship that was off north Carolina's outer banks. I'm -- on the phone right now by vice admiral Robert Parker of the Coast Guard the operational commander for the Atlantic area. And admiral thank you for joining this morning this is a famous ship the HMS bounty made famous in that. Movie Mutiny on the Bounty and you got a call last night it was taking on two feet of water per hour. We're correct we have. 945 last night we got a call from the owners -- they lost communications with the vessel. They were taking on water over the next several hours they set off their emergency position indicating radio beacon. A radio signal that transits via satellite their position -- -- nature distress. We actually maintained email contact with the ship until the master lost that capability as well. Eventually abandoned ship would -- fuel water on deck. -- some some question about whether -- sixteen or seventeen people on board. All the band and into two light perhaps rubber boats with thick canopy is on top. We had an HC 130 overhead that we -- pre positioned. Back to be ready to respond to these type of events and then once we knew they were -- -- -- -- media launched. -- sixty helicopters. The first of those got out there on scene and started voices. At this point we have nine people and one helicopter five another. Both of those helicopters are headed back to North Carolina -- the nearest point to get paid to those folks. Make sure -- well taken care of but at this -- we used to have two or three people unaccounted for in the vessel that is completely. Vessels completely -- do you know. If those two or three people were were on the bestseller war in the lifeboats. We don't have that at this point this is very much breaking news. Animals -- -- the first reported usually wrong in these circumstances but. Well certainly hope for the best but were preparing for the work. But you can say is a matter of fact right now you have fourteen people safe and fully accounted for from that ship that's correct. -- can Parker thanks very much for that -- we sure hope they find those other two.

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{"id":17589102,"title":"Hurricane Sandy: HMS Bounty Crew Rescued Off NC","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice Admiral Robert Parker discusses the rescue of the tall ship's crew.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-hms-bounty-crew-rescued-off-north-17589102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}