Hurricane Sandy to Make Landfall in Southern New Jersey

Sam Champion talks to National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy to Make Landfall in Southern New Jersey
We are now joined this morning by doctor -- now director of the National Hurricane Center good morning doctor and -- thank you so much for joining us. -- let me just ask you a couple questions about this storm we're hearing this all these terms super storm. And and -- once familiar with hurricane their familiar with nor'easter but the term super storms got to catch him by surprise here describe that a little bit more forming. Well what we are dealing with is a large hurricane. That might lose its tropical characteristics as it moves -- -- it's not going to matter it's going to be a large storm. Impacting a large number of people with several different kinds of houses including well -- in places like mountainous areas of West Virginia some heavy snowfall. But -- coastal impacts are going to be the storm surge. For which several people -- areas of been ordered to evacuate. And these strong winds hurricane force even with distressing to us at the coast and then the rainfall. Moving well and when this is not just going to be a coastal event lot of people going to be impacted and a slow mover over the next few days. Now I've watched you covered storms like this for a long time -- tell me right this one for me. In that list of storms that will go down as in top five top ten storms where do you place this storm -- it straight -- it's damage. You know in in reality it's very difficult if not impossible to -- storm's overall because. Every storm is different especially when it comes to how it impacts every city here every individual locally. If you have been through any particular hurricane or winter storm in the past in the mid Atlantic states or north -- Throw that experience out the window and focus on what this storm. Could do because every one of these storms has a different -- for this is coming in on a track. With a structure and intensity. That we haven't seen exactly before and so. You could be experiencing something you've never experienced before your location out of this particular event. -- this thing definitely going on show are no doubt about it. Well there's no question this says this is gonna come onshore late tonight. Early tomorrow morning that's when the center of circulation is gonna come on shore but bad weather is already on the coast and once the bad weather starts in your location -- could last. For two to three days in terms of the lengthy periods. Rainfall strong winds and -- the coastline the water levels are coming up today and they're not gonna come back down for two to three days in the in between. Some really high storm surge values especially in parts of the -- the really captured the water that's why in New York City. Jersey Shore Rhode Island Connecticut and Long Island Sound all these areas very vulnerable to storm surge. That you really really need to pay attention to what your local emergency managers -- told you do. It is a -- next couple of days and has all the elements doctorate -- Thank you for taking time to give us your expertise we appreciate you.

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{"id":17587561,"title":"Hurricane Sandy to Make Landfall in Southern New Jersey","duration":"3:00","description":"Sam Champion talks to National Hurricane Center Director Rick Knabb.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-make-landfall-southern-jersey-17587561","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}