Hurricane Sandy May Shut Down New York City Mass Transit

New York's mass transit system may come to a halt as hurricane moves east.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy May Shut Down New York City Mass Transit
Something else I want to talk about that we haven't talked about a lot this morning before we even get to that -- that New York City is making. You think of New York City and and the entire East Coast is these big sky. -- -- -- just big big big buildings all along the coastline skyscrapers among world trade is right I'm looking at it right there. And there's a lot of construction on the top of those buildings that's all a real problem for 7075 mile per hour winds blowing things up the building so in these areas when the storm moves there'll. You don't need to be walking around because debris will be flying not just trees are just things that you might think are harmless like trees -- -- real problem. In those winds but big chunks of construction debris. Could easily be flying through this area now let's talk about the other travel problems we know we're gonna have power outages we know we're gonna have trees down we know we're gonna have this water moving on -- And some of that water where about three feet above where the water is -- New York Harbor right now. About Watergate then we're talking about some problems with blood flooding and subway system's New York City is definitely aware of this and they're getting ready for. He's operating under a state of emergency and wants everyone prepared to day for a -- storm. When boarding up homes and buildings. I'm really nervous about that lady I am I must say I'm cooking -- Thinking that we're not gonna -- the next six days. -- -- catch basins to help drain floodwaters this is a dangerous storm. But if -- -- strengthen unexpectedly or change its expected path it could do a lot of damage and you could be. At risk. New York City transit officials are preparing for a possible shut out of the subway system the largest rapid transit system in the world. It's -- down -- while on -- -- dating back to rob. Sandy can potentially create a storm surge larger than last year's Hurricane Irene. Capable of over topping the Manhattan flood walls possibly filling the subway tunnels with water. Lower Manhattan is the most vulnerable place to a storm surge -- closing public transit should the need arise. There's no doubt about the fact of the hurricane center expects this to be. Really bad weather for a large part of a huge population center anywhere from central New Jersey that includes. Philadelphia Atlantic city New York City all the way up toward Boston so -- -- -- on -- something that we've got to pay attention to all day today into tomorrow and Tuesday. Sam I got to ask you in every time we have a story like this we run into complacency especially now. Potentially New York City where Hurricane Irene last year wasn't so bad in the city itself. What would you say to people or attempted to write this off. I want to remind folks about that and that hurricane it was a bad storm Dan it just didn't deliver the wind damage that New York City expected and the surge wasn't really here. But if you look inland where it was catastrophic flooding installed many folks were affected by that storm it was a terrible storm it just wasn't for the big population center of New York City. And this one the hurricane center says will have all of those elements focused. On these big population areas New York City as one about with the storm surge with a high winds with the flooding rain. They say they think this thing will really affected and I am gonna believe them and I'm just gonna ask everybody to be prepared.

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{"id":17583418,"title":"Hurricane Sandy May Shut Down New York City Mass Transit","duration":"3:00","description":"New York's mass transit system may come to a halt as hurricane moves east.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-shut-york-city-mass-transit-17583418","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}