How to Talk Kids about Hurricane Sandy

Dr. Janet Taylor discusses tips to make children aware of the severity of the storm.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for How to Talk Kids about Hurricane Sandy
It's important to make sure your children are aware of just how powerful this super storm could be so many schools are closed this Monday morning Halloween festivities on hold she. Here now with tips on how to talk to your kids about bracing for sandy is psychologist doctor Janet Taylor we're gonna talk tuck her in just -- moment -- first. Let's take a listen to what kids are saying right now. -- -- -- -- -- Overnight house were really afraid to -- -- -- my dad's afraid. I -- most game -- Drove -- school and I'm pretty. And -- doctor Janet Taylor joins us now and you know my own daughters. Yesterday -- mom can we get an extra first aid kit do we get some extra flashlights. Mean kids are really feeling that fear yet not just kids -- mean -- adult daughters myself when they're a little nervous I'm nervous just not knowing. And I think it's important for us to focus on the fact. Our kids are hearing words like monster storm super storm. Explain to them when a storm surge is don't be afraid to say I don't know look up how hurricanes develop that they are informed and not just afraid I don't we're all watching the television were glued to -- TV sets watching all the storm coverage. Should we -- limit teen that in terms of what our kids are looking and seeing it and how do you figure that -- -- silly it's about exposure and -- screen time. It's not just televisions. It's social media so. Be aware that your kids are reading FaceBook looking at Twitter and a lot of things that are there may not -- -- it's it accurate. And are scaring them so what are you suggesting you all all of our kids are home from school right now in and yea it's exciting at first and then make its board and they just wanna watch the television or any kind of -- we'll monitor screens but also have a preparedness plan and incorporate them in that give them some -- this because understand cancer focused on the big world. But more importantly what's happening in their own world. And we can help them establish control by. Having a safety -- preparedness plan that we can take away some of their anxiety -- my -- feel a lot better to know we have adversity -- that we have this extra flashlights just in case and can candles ready to go. What about trick or treating and you -- that that's a big concern for a lot of children Halloween is. A lot of kids' favorite holiday it's all about the candy how -- you tried it to it. Tell them you know what it's -- we -- meeting created new ritual inside and wonders if we're worried about flooding and they're worried about candy and Constance -- -- and that's your best complaining -- can't right. But haven't put their costs and on that day -- candy in the house invite friends over you can do that or if you have to go to a shelter. Say listen we can make our -- on Halloween day in weaken their side because we have to repair kits for the fact that sometimes things don't happen. We're supposed to and being adapted is also point of being a parent and that is great advice because sometimes you have to switch things happen and figure out how to be -- -- safety is. Obviously supreme and that's -- gonna tell our kids were all gonna be -- -- we have to take it right costs exactly life like this storm is unpredictable CUP prepared and hope for the best dot doctor Janet Taylor thanks much we appreciate it great advice.

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{"id":17588659,"title":"How to Talk Kids about Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Janet Taylor discusses tips to make children aware of the severity of the storm.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandy-talking-kids-storm-halloween-17588659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}