Hurricane Sandy's Intensity Fluctuates, Threatens East Coast States

Ginger Zee, Matt Gutman track the latest weather across America.
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Sandy's Intensity Fluctuates, Threatens East Coast States
Good morning everybody -- let -- get straight to the big story this morning that super storm ABC meteorologist ginger -- in Florida tracking what could be a once in this century event will get -- heard just a moment. That's right sandy has been downgraded to a tropical storm but that's just temporary this 900 mile -- think -- -- Is forecast to become a hurricane again and join forces with a major winter storm. Multiple states are now issuing state of emergency alerts and for many. Today is the calm before the storm -- last chance to stock up batten down or just get out of town and that is what millions of people are doing getting out to give you sense of what a mess this storm could make. It's expected to slam parts of the East Coast with a foot of rain and up to a foot -- several feet of snow it's gonna last for days. Bringing wind damage power outages and possibly massive flooding in some parts ADC's extreme damage covered all the -- this morning. And where to start as we said we ginger in cocoa beach Florida good morning -- Good morning Dan it is still very windy here we've had wind gusts of fifty miles per hour plus you can see that -- certain surf behind -- about ten. Ten to fifteen -- waves. There was -- thirty wonderful -- way out SBC. Speaking out -- at -- that's where tropical -- sandy is yes it was downgraded but you can't let that fool you because. It will -- intensifying you can see the satellite picture here that gives you an idea of where the storm is moving now north northeast at ten miles per hour -- -- from Florida. Next stop is the Carolinas and eventually that potential date. With weather history. Tumultuous waves hammering Florida beaches serious erosion and almost four inches of rain along parts of the Florida coast. That's what sandy looks like. Down here. But not -- from space you can clearly see the tropical storm. It's large stretching wind field sending tropical storm force winds. Over 900 miles across -- sandy aggravates the Atlantic its path of destruction has already left at least 43 people dead across the Caribbean. Through the weekend this storm will -- the Carolinas before turning it tied directly toward the coast. Somewhere between the mid Atlantic northeast and New England by Monday night. This storm that is going to be impacting the mid Atlantic and parts of the northeast is scored -- destructive. Historic and unfortunately like -- Tropical storm sandy is a strong storm alone. But she's about to get infused with Tim atmosphere players Sandy's tropical fuel will meet up with the -- from the west that basically means a whole lot of energy and cold dry air to make sense. Then you've got this high pressure system parked over Greenland. That creates a blocking pattern forcing energy back toward the storm and driving it into the East Coast. The biggest concern in the coming days is the potential for four to ten for coastal search. That is expected in vulnerable areas like -- seat New Jersey and New York where evacuation orders may be enforced. Even though the forecast path takes it centered right into southern New Jersey parts of Delaware -- -- will be huge on this and that's why we have to check in with -- Matt got an. -- in Nags Head North Carolina and that -- ought to -- about fifty miles per hour gusts today. Thanks a lot -- and we really are starting to feel the impact of that. Texas size storm start a wallop your way give your -- for. How -- the water has become it's been whipping up this -- everywhere now across the mid Atlantic area. Full swing with preparations there even started to hand out sandbags in Washington DC. With the lopsided -- theme lumbering towards them. All of the mid Atlantic states are declaring states of emergency including Virginia. This is still and unpredictable. Weather event one minute. Here is a possibly very dangerous weather event. For the commonwealth. October. In the nation's capital linesmen -- out reinforcing power lines bracing for days long blackouts. And nearly the entire navy fleet in Norfolk is -- under sail the 23 ships steaming out of poured into harm's way. And officials are closely watching the the hybrid storm already -- the potentially -- -- surf here in North Carolina cuisine red flood warnings praising. Never -- -- storm is -- to save cutting short vacations. And sending tourists streaming from the outer banks to higher ground and locals to stores to stock up on supplies. And we are already starting to hear reports of people buying out generators and even shortages of water in some places that because this is such a massive system moving in the National Guard -- said. It is ready with 61000. Troops Guardsmen available if they are needed to be called up. -- Now let's get straight to that tropical storm watch -- warning that this is what people need to know this morning this is what this storm is going to do TU. From Central Florida all the way up through the Carolinas the watches and warnings for forty to fifty mile per hour gusts are in place that's today through tomorrow. Then the storm the path takes their right into the mid Atlantic southern New Jersey and Delaware -- the -- of that remember the Winfield expands much beyond that. Could be felt all the way to -- high -- parts of Western Pennsylvania. And the storm surge it was mentioned once but needs to be mentioned again seeks ten ninth but possible in those cities you -- -- Atlantic City included. New York City included Long Island as well and then we've got that rainfall because you heard a lot about it. At -- locally some places could top out at a foot or more after this is all said and done you can see that's part of it at six to twelve inches. And it extends back and again parts of the eastern Great Lakes where you get anywhere from three. Four or even five inches of rain when this is all said and done so flooding is going to be a problem coastal flooding one of the major issues. -- and there's snow I'll have more on that coming up. In just a couple of minutes but for now we'll -- go back into the studio.

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{"id":17578315,"title":"Hurricane Sandy's Intensity Fluctuates, Threatens East Coast States","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee, Matt Gutman track the latest weather across America.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandys-intensity-fluctuates-threatens-east-coast-states-17578315","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}