Husband Arrested in Suicide Turned Murder Investigation

Police re-opened the 2012 investigation after new witness testimony came to light.
2:22 | 11/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Husband Arrested in Suicide Turned Murder Investigation
First we'll take a fresh look at the death of a young woman, how it went from a suicide to a murder. Ashley's mother never believed her daughter would want to kill herself and when police took another look at the case, they were ready to make an arrest and ABC's Tom llamas has more. My wife just -- That's the voice of Tom Fallis saying his wife committed suicide. For two years investigators thought she took her own life but this morning, her husband Tom is sitting in jail accused of her murder. Police re-opening the investigation in April after new witness testimony came to light. Shock, elation, sadness, it encompasses every emotion you could possibly ash. Reporter: Ashley's mother says from the get-go she believed other son-in-law a former Colorado corrections deputy was the one who pulled the trigger. I didn't shoot my wife. Reporter: The shooting happening new year's day, 2012 in ft. Collins, Colorado. Police say four agencies initi initially agreed it was a suicide. The forensic analysis done did not support any indication that Tom was in proximity of Ashley when the shot was fired. Reporter: But Denver TV station KDVR working with the family took a closer look at the case obtaining the 911 calls along with this police interrogation video -- Why would you -- I wasn't on her. Reporter: The TV station spoke with neighbors of the couple, one said they heard Ashley screaming. Another said they overheard Tom confessing to the crime but police say those testimonies never made it into the police record. The new revelations leading to a grand jury investigation indicating Tom Fallis on second degree murder charges. According to the indictment the 34-year-old became irate at the end of that new year's eve pay stormed into the master bedroom, grabbed a 9 millimeter handgun and shot his wife. It's a series of nightmares for Ashley's parents. They knew their daughter was a happy, young mother with three children and the idea that she would somehow decide to commit suicide they would never accept it. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Tom llamas, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Police re-opened the 2012 investigation after new witness testimony came to light.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27114790","title":"Husband Arrested in Suicide Turned Murder Investigation","url":"/GMA/video/husband-arrested-suicide-turned-murder-investigation-27114790"}