Husband Faces Charges for Murdered Wife

Seven years after wife's death, authorities finally feel they can prove he did it.
2:22 | 09/14/13

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Transcript for Husband Faces Charges for Murdered Wife
We're going to start with the murder trial seven years in the making. A guy in seattle just now facing charges that he murdered his own wife back in 2006. Authorities saying he tried to cover his tracks but missed some critical details. Abc's aditi roy joins us with more. Good morning, aditi. Reporter: Good morning, bianna and dan. Nicole's family says they've waited seven years to have their day in court. The prosecution says her husband strangled her to death in a fit of anger. The defense argued there's little evidence to prove he killed her. Till death do us part. Do us part. Reporter: Little did nicole and david know on their wedding day how true those vows would turn out to be. Seven years ago, nicole was murdered. Her naked body dumped in a wooded area outside seattle. Now, david's on trial for her death. At some point, he strangled her to death. Reporter: The prosecutor argues the couple fought on the night of the murder. She says david wasn't happy in his marriage. Had been caught cheating and was upset about not getting promoted at work. Then, there's a failed polygraph test and dna evidence, which the prosecution says incriminates him. But his defense attorneys argue the findings are questionable. It's not going to show that david took nicole's life. Reporter: Legal experts say the case will hinge on the prosecution's evidence. There is no confession. There are no witnesses. There's nothing that directly ties the defendant to the murder. Reporter: Before he was an accused murderer, david seemed to be a concerned husband. After nicole vanished. Trying to focus on what we can do to be finding her so that we -- you know, let your mind go to the bad places. Reporter: It took police mar than half a decade to gather enough evidence to arrest him. Nicole's family members say they feel deceived. I think he deserves an academy award. Reporter: Once a happy groom, now, a murder suspect. The trial will resume on monday. Prosecutors say they'll focus on david's suspected infidelity. They're also accusing him of spiking his wife's nonalcoholic drinks with ecstasy, despite she had been clean and sober for eight years. Aditi, thank you. Time for a check of the weather.

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{"id":20257059,"title":"Husband Faces Charges for Murdered Wife","duration":"2:22","description":"Seven years after wife's death, authorities finally feel they can prove he did it.","url":"/GMA/video/husband-faces-charges-murdered-wife-20257059","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}