Identical Twins Undergo Plastic Surgery Together

One opted for full-anesthesia, the other went with local anesthetic.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Identical Twins Undergo Plastic Surgery Together
Now, to a story that gives a whole, new meaning to sibling banding. Identical twins who get plastic surgery at the same time. But they chose two very different types of face-lifts. Abc's cecilia vega followed the twins who did just that. Reporter:49-year-old identical twins, mickey and donna keller are imseble. I felt it. Reporter: And now, they're having face-lifts together. So, what do you see wrong when you look at each other? Or you look at yourself? What I've noticed in the last couple years, was everything was sagging. Like, the neck. I would see pictures of myself. Oh, my god. I care about how I look. I want to be attractive. I want to feel younger. I want to match my attitude, so to speak. Reporter: They are undergoing a kind of twin experiment. Donna is having a traditional, five-hour-long surgical face-lift under anesthesia. Miki is getting a face-lift, too. Her doctor is trying an experimental procedure. It only takes one hour and uses local anesthesia. She'll be wide-awake for the whole thing. Miki will get to go straight home. Donna will have to stay overnight in a recovery center. The doctor will see me the next day and do the -- like a martian. I'm going to bring my camera. Reporter: Dr. Simone has been doing face-lifts like this for six years. He doesn't put patients to sleep with the surgery. And he says with his technique, patients heal faster. They also sit up for the surgery, instead of sitting down, which the doctor says makes for more natural results. They get up and they walk on their own. Reporter: It's the day of the surgery. Donna is having a face-lift, eye lift, fat injections, skin resurfacing and botox. And miki, she's having a face-lift, eye lift, skin resurfacing and botox. Remember, miki's awake. She even chats with us during the surgery. Having a good time. Reporter: Weeks later, we meet up with them again. Will the twins still look alike? Here's donna before. And donna after. She has the traditional face-lift. Here's miki before. And miki after. She had the newer, awake face-lift. And here they are together. While they still look like younger versions of themselves, these twins couldn't help but compare notes. We were snapping pictures. Look at my neck. Look at your neck. Our attitudes are more positive. We get compliments from our friends. They say we haven't changed the way we look. We just look better. Reporter: For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. Wow. I think they looked really good. And both women say they were pleased with how they looked, as well. You can decide the difference. Although, lara, it's important to note the plastic surgery costs. The traditional face-lift, $25,000. Whoa. I know. A lot of money. And the one-hour experimental procedure, is $12,000, half the price. But we saw her awake for that. Yeah. That seemed a little scary. The word experimental is always a red flag for me. But they do look great. And you can tell the way they were walking. They had a spring in their step. They sure did. I felt something going on. Thanks so much, amy.

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{"id":17018324,"title":"Identical Twins Undergo Plastic Surgery Together","duration":"3:00","description":"One opted for full-anesthesia, the other went with local anesthetic.","url":"/GMA/video/identical-twins-undergo-plastic-surgery-17018324","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}