Identifying the Boston Marathon Bomber

Special FBI team works digital clues from thousands of images.
3:23 | 04/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Identifying the Boston Marathon Bomber
The latest on those Boston Marathon bombings investigators hoping to close in on a suspect this morning as the FBI comes through thousands of images from the scene. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross leaves our coverage from Boston good morning Brian. Well good morning -- -- -- sense of confidence here this morning -- on the FBI's discovery L a couple of video. It appears to catch the moment when a man -- -- today was one of the bombs. Officials tell ABC news at the best view of the possible suspect comes from a high definition camera at the Lord & Taylor department store. But these shots broadcast by Boston station WH DH before and then after the blast also played a key role according to authorities. Officials so far have declined to make public any image of the they now suspect. Much of the review of the evidence is being done by a special team of agents who have set up at a restricted area near the Boston Harbor. So called operational technology division. This is where the evidence is being brought for examination. And -- agents can use special facial recognition software to turn faces into names. There is software. -- allows for facial recognition even that -- distance. It's not a 100%. But even the seventy or 80% correlation. With narrowed down on the number of people. That the FBI house to go after. The agents are also processing some 290 pieces of evidence recovered from the crime scene. Including wire with the manufacturer's name still visible tiny circuit boards small nails apparently -- as shrapnel. And the twisted remains of that pressure -- used to house the Bob. Any fingerprints discovered here could be crucial at a trial. It's extremely important. To match the bomb. To the bad guy. There may be as many as a thousand police and federal agents assigned to this case while there have been no arrests killers. There's a great sense of confidence in that come along way in just three -- that's. I want to ask you about -- is there was so much confusion yesterday actual reports of an arrest. In some news outlets early in the days dismissed by the FBI. And police but they do believe they're zeroing in. They do think they're getting closer but there have been no arrests according to FBI officials here.

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{"id":18986373,"title":"Identifying the Boston Marathon Bomber","duration":"3:23","description":"Special FBI team works digital clues from thousands of images.","url":"/GMA/video/identifying-boston-marathon-bomber-18986373","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}