Iggy Azalea on Weathering Tough Criticism, New Music

The controversial rapper reflects on the rough year she's had and shares the exclusive world premiere of her new music video live on "GMA."
5:20 | 03/23/16

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Transcript for Iggy Azalea on Weathering Tough Criticism, New Music
So excited I'm here now with iggy azalea, the rapper is back with that big new single "Team" on top of the world in 2014. The only artist since the beatles to hold the number one and number two spots on the billboard's hot 100 simultaneously in a matter of months everything changed. She faced criticism online and from fellow rappers, as well. Now she's here to talk about the troubles she has faced in her past. So excited about this new music video because you just put out a big hit your last music video, already has 7 million views. I know, I'm so excited -- it's only been out four days. What's it like to put out great music so soon. It's been so long since I put anything out. So I wanted to have something that fans can look at straightaway and now I think I might wait a couple more days to put out my real music video because they're loving the dance video so much. Obviously this past year, it's been very tough for you but do you see this song "Team," a way to move beyond that. Yeah, definitely. I think it's important for me having taken so much time off to really figure out what I wanted to say when I came back and have people's attention. And I think "Team" is the right message so excited for this to be the song that people hear from me. We're talking about new music, "Digital distortion" is your new album so what's behind that name? You know, "Digital distortion" is kind of touching on I guess the social media era we live in, this world of technology where we can distort our own realities, it's a world of misinformation, good and bad and it's just kind of navigating that throughout the album. You've been through a lot and talk about that social media. People have gotten on you about body shaming and had detractors in the hip-hop industry, as well. How are you able to handle all that negativity. It's tough sometimes but you got to think about the people that support you, as well. You know, I grew up loving Missy Elliott and lil' Kim or Trina and so I'm lucky that I have those women that I reallyize dollized support me and so I get a little bit of confident in that knowing the people I look up to kind of like appreciate what I'm doing so that helps That's the truth too. That's who you are. You grew up in Australia and you loved hip-hop. You were trying to emulate people like tupac and mentioned Missy Elliott so how is it fair when you get criticized for rapping with an English accent? Or an American accent, whatever that is. You got -- everybody gets -- no matter what, I think rapper or if you're an actress or no matter what you do if you're in the public eye you get criticized and picked upon. For me that's what they like to pick on me with. It's a lot you had to go through. You wish you could memory erase some of the things that happened. I wish I had a "Men in black" stick. With the glasses. That would be lovely. What positive things have come out of last year that have helped you get through? You know what, I had such a good time making this album and I think that the thing called the sophomore curse where you have so much pressure after your success of your first album that you don't know what to write about and the second album falls apart and can be a bit shambly so I think me having a rough year last year and taking a step away gave me the ability to have the space to just quietly create my little masterpiece and I feel like that gave me the ability to have something really strong and I hope I don't have the sophomore curse this time. You mentioned the "Men in black" sunglasses, I wish I was wearing those. I don't know if you noticed the rock on Amy's finger. Something good that happened this year. You got engaged to L.A. Laker nick young. That is a good thing. That is a very good thing. Can you talk to us about how he proposed. He was very sweet. I organized a big birthday party, his birthday and mine are a few days apart and so we had a big carnival themed party and we had ferris wheels and all this crazy stuff and he came to the party really late and he was acting very strange, wasn't acting right and we went on the ferris wheel and he kept saying if I asked you to marry me would you say yes. You wouldn't say no, would you? Oh, my god. Is he going -- I better you not be playing around. If you ask me to marry you tonight don't get me hyped up and huh-uh. He a box this big. I thought he was going to give me a pair of shoes. I thought it was sneakers. Something a giant hat comes in. This is much better than high heels in a box so it was a good birthday. How is the wedding planning going? Oh, wedding is planning is a lot. Anybody who's been married out there like I empathize with you, it's so much more than what you think it's going to be, planning a giant event and wanting to appease your family, make sure all the municipals are happy. My family are all Australian, I have to fly everyone out but we're enjoying it and try to make our wedding cool and young and hip so trying to figure out what to do. You're till going on your honeymoon, a little break time away with your future husband. Thank you so much for being with us. Congratulations on your success and iggy azalea's new single "Team." Coming up, peter Krause here

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{"id":37855688,"title":"Iggy Azalea on Weathering Tough Criticism, New Music","duration":"5:20","description":"The controversial rapper reflects on the rough year she's had and shares the exclusive world premiere of her new music video live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/iggy-azalea-weathering-tough-criticism-music-37855688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}