New Images of Aftermath From Alabama Tornadoes

Steve Osunsami reports from some of the hardest-hit areas.
2:04 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Images of Aftermath From Alabama Tornadoes
Some stunning new images out of Alabama take a look. At this neighborhood just one of many flattened by those killer tornadoes. That struck in the middle of the night destroying as many as 300 homes in the process ABC's Steve -- Sami now joins us from one of the hardest hit areas centerpoint. Good morning to you Steve. Good morning -- schools in these neighborhoods will be closed today one of them just a short while from here. Was badly damaged and nearly destroyed. The governor of Alabama today it will visit these neighborhoods and seen this damage for himself and beat these tired -- -- Scientists now say that the deadly tornado that injured a hundred and killed two head wind speeds of a 150 miles an hour was moving at fifty miles an hour. Cutting a deadly path. This morning families across Alabama -- picking up the pieces for the second time in less than a year. -- Total destruction. It decimated homes once that were spared when deadly tornadoes tore through here last April. In clay Alabama this was march history circle then and this is what's left of the neighborhood now you know -- No -- -- and everything in bet you are. Andrea Johnson made it from her bedroom to her safe place in time what do you think -- right now. What I look and when asked. -- -- my home -- Her daughter and granddaughter -- to -- The sirens were blaring but the tornado -- -- these neighborhoods in the deep of the night while most people were sleeping. When we saw daylight and and then everything it was made him -- -- -- I have never seen -- Campaign Van -- is that everything right now. Scientists say it's unusual for such a destructive tornado to hit so early in the year an unfortunate. That it hit in the middle of the night.

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{"id":15427379,"title":"New Images of Aftermath From Alabama Tornadoes","duration":"2:04","description":"Steve Osunsami reports from some of the hardest-hit areas.","url":"/GMA/video/images-aftermath-alabama-tornadoes-15427379","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}