Impact of NYC, NJ Bomb Scares on the 2016 Presidential Race

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:28 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for Impact of NYC, NJ Bomb Scares on the 2016 Presidential Race
We're back and it's time for our big board and our team of insider standing by live for more in the morning's top stories that we're gonna begin to bring Tommy I was back here. At the table you are talking about the bombings and that's what's been that the top story almost all morning long. And how the candidates are weighing in which he shared a little bit. About this approval of the know how would this impact the race looks incredibly important right now no doubt could come up at the debate and exactly one week. And Donald Trump actually just moments ago made some news on this he's now calling for more profiling when it comes to people like this were potentially terrorists he just said this moments ago soaked. When you look at the approach is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They're starkly different. Hillary Clinton much more measured in her words Donald Trump likes to get out there aggressively sometimes gets him in trouble but it didn't Orlando where he treated out of congrats for himself. But other times it's helped them heal after seem pretty deal after Paris is pulling numbers on the Muslim band went up among Republican voters that is approaching sticking to it. What how that affected pass rates is because I have we ever seen. Anything like this when what Yeltsin president that we haven't seen this in not a terrorist attacks in the US and abroad to this is holy territory for us. That said terrorism right now formed last national poll he's the second most important issue facing Americans after the economy and right now for an apple. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a pretty much and that he didn't like you said but the debates coming up sure debating no doubt into the forefront. Right definitely going to perform from them thank you time. And up next up the latest on protests in the NFL Philadelphia Eagles. Don't take the field later on what's a Monday Night Football is to replace Clinton kneeled and a National Anthem. This is calling Catherine economically is continued. They're protest or any gains on Sunday and ESPN's Gmail hill joins us live did you know how are you my dear miss it I'm done well hour here. I am not doing very well and you know America though we're already on high alert our radio how to with a possible on terror attacks. In its sporting events are target silks to does this have called a greater sense of concern for everybody. Feel well it's good for sure as it makes a sporting events are often targets there often considered symbols of American freedom. And so when you have a situation like you have a Miami with the police are actively saying they don't want us protect. Certain football players because they're taking part in this Krupp says it just seems hugely. Counterproductive. And general commands you that I'm should the next still a hall of Famer wolf sorry Tom I've Obama might want to give a tunnel vision it is an audit results I'm happy about it. Over the years Amir yeah. It is part of being in the pro football hall of fame and Darren Sharper has been nominated and a lot of people are raising eyebrows yet you the five time. Pro Bowl safety when he serving eighteen years in prison right now for multiple attacks. On women how does this happen how the front of them like this get nominated for the hall. Yeah. Yeah yeah everybody is. Wonder that because the NF LC a fan base right now is 45% female. And moms as we know with all the issues that concussions will be a huge part. Of the conversation about whether or not their sons participate of the ball going forward the NFL has done a lot to try to convince women that they care about violence toward women. You can't talk out of both sides of your neck and have you say one thing only one in a dinner the other hand. You have someone like Darren Sharper who is allowed on the ballot who decided to put him here is what I would lose enough a lot of people want to know it only takes one cent to six Boeing. You don't takes one look towards. But these all the payments separate I think from the NFL percent growth separate separate things and didn't make that but still does not look at you now think I agree thanks very much and finally. More bad news for the world's largest Smartphone manufacturer new lawsuit filed by a Florida man after his Samsung galaxy note seven allegedly exploded. In his pocket heart tech expert Becky Worley is on the job here so what are you hearing about this case back in. Yet Robin you mention this is the note seven phone we've been talking about with battery problems that the message. Still not getting of people Florida man Jonathan's mobile shopping of cost so. Feel the phone get hot in his pocket not surprising it's summer in Florida in cost out. But he tells Reuters as an exploded in his pocket resulting in second degree burns on his lay on his hand trying to get the phone away from his body. The pictures are horrific and Samsung being very direct issuing a warning if you have a note seven turn it off immediately contact them about an exchange. Clearly call them with someone else's phone you know. Now they're there if they they're the recall the court amended filed a lawsuit. So just how big is this an incident like he had a pretty good case. Yeah the note was it was released just August is sold more than two and a half million units worldwide a million in the US. What we know Michael 26 people being burned including six year old child 55 and lots of property damage. The F eight banning the use of the phone and flight. There is a mandatory Consumer Product Safety Commission recall on the note Samsung says they're gonna have replacement phones available by Wednesday of this week. Guys in my almost twenty years of tech reporting I have never seen a consumer recall on the tech I don't know it mean for me it is it's funny even have waking up like Samsung there wobbling they're trying to manage the billion dollars this is gonna cost them out. Before my flight to San Fran they made a big announcement saying if you have one of those phones do not turn and. On which is really scary because he's so many people on the phone at home in on the plane now only -- put it on an airplane mode when I don't know how many people have to do the last minute was text you have to look at how it's. Partly thanks great the great that you Becky thank you do now and dom think you don't.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42190371","title":"Impact of NYC, NJ Bomb Scares on the 2016 Presidential Race","url":"/GMA/video/impact-nyc-nj-bomb-scares-2016-presidential-race-42190371"}