India.Arie: 'Time to Be Back' After Timeout

Critics have praised Grammy-winning singer's latest album, "SongVersation."
1:52 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for India.Arie: 'Time to Be Back' After Timeout
We are here with grammy award winner, india.Arie. She has a brand-new album out, called "songversation" in stores now. Welcome my friend, india.Arie, back to "good morning america." Thank you for that moment earlier. That was awesome. It's great we wrote that together. But this is new music you have. And you needed to take a little time. Yes. Catch your breath. Yes. And been on a journey. What does this music -- what is the conversation this music? The conversation, the songversation in this music is about letting myself out into the world. And letting the world touch me. And there's elements of turkish music that sounds more complicated than it really is. I went to turkey and gathered turkish springs and trombones and flutes and the percussion through the songs. Every song. And so, that's the songversation that's happening, too. Being a part of the world again. And last time you were like, get your mojo back. We talked after the show. I wa -- now I realize it wasn't really a problem. I was going through a phase where I needed to pull back. It was a phase. I'm glad could listen. Now, it e's time to be out with everyone, and have that conversation again. We had that conversation in my dressing room after. I know you so well. And the fact you took the time, which we all need to do. And this beautiful music. You're going out on tour in the fall, too? Yes. What? And "songversation" is a performance style. It's a moniker I created to tell the story you will see when you see me perform. It's speaking and singing. The songversation are tell the story about what's spoken. Everyone is saying, you've been in our heart and soul. You are going to hear, performing "cocoa butter" off

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{"id":19482546,"title":"India.Arie: 'Time to Be Back' After Timeout","duration":"1:52","description":"Critics have praised Grammy-winning singer's latest album, \"SongVersation.\"","url":"/GMA/video/indiaarie-interview-2013-singer-time-back-break-discusses-19482546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}