Hairdressers Suing Co-Worker Over $9.5M Lottery Winnings

Indianapolis hair salon workers say the winning lotto ticket was bought as a group.
1:42 | 02/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hairdressers Suing Co-Worker Over $9.5M Lottery Winnings
Now, a legal battle at a hair salon over who owns a winning lottery ticket. And seven hairdressers are suing a co-worker, saying they bought the ticket as a group. Alex perez has the story. Reporter: After years of coloring hair blonde and brown, this morning, seven hairstylists are seeing nothing but red. They all work at this indianapolis salon. But they spent wednesday in a nearby courthouse, asking a judge to straighten out a mess. The hairy situation, started FEBRUARY 16th, WHEN THE WOMEN Along with a cworker pooled their money to buy lottery tickets. But things got tangled after that co-worker, christina shaw, purchased her tickets at this gas station. She came in to the shop after the saturday night drawing. And said, we didn't win. But I did. Reporter: Shaw didn't just win. But she won big. Hitting a hair-raising jackpot worth nearly $10 million. Money she says is hers. Shaw's lawyers maintain she bought two sets of tickets that day. One batch paid for by the group. The other out of her own pocket. But the group agreed whoever purchased the tickets had to buy personal tickets somewhere else. It was discussed and mentioned. It was a rule, she said. Shaw's attorney told reporters the money is his client's. My client believes this is her ticket? Yes. eporter: SHAW HAS QUIT HER Job. And the court has frozen the jackpot until a judge can decide whether the stylists have a case or if they'll be cut out of the winnings. For "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago.

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{"id":18616682,"title":"Hairdressers Suing Co-Worker Over $9.5M Lottery Winnings ","duration":"1:42","description":"Indianapolis hair salon workers say the winning lotto ticket was bought as a group.","url":"/GMA/video/indianapolis-hairdressers-suing-worker-95m-lottery-winnings-bought-18616682","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}