Indie Spirit Awards Aims for a More Casual Fair

Chris Connelly has a breakdown of Hollywood's most laid back awards ceremony.
3:58 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Indie Spirit Awards Aims for a More Casual Fair
This morning but we are just a few hours away from any -- red carpet million out of Hollywood the party really -- up -- yesterday. -- an event that's been called the Oscars irreverent half brother there was alcohol and humor and apparently they had that a few awards to. Yeah that's right ABC's Chris -- was therefore it all did you see it Chris let me address. Well it was a lot of. On the independent spirit awards celebrate the best in movies that are not funded by a major studio is supposed to be edgy here -- and younger than other awards shows that despite all that. I was given a credential and its -- -- -- true from the purple carpet to the host of them. Welcome to the independent spirit awards hosted by the -- itself -- the only award show that is completely inconsequential. Nothing will come from this if you -- it literally. Anything approved to work for nothing located -- across town from the -- -- -- the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica Saturday's independent spirit awards. Company tell -- it was on the beach. After embarrassed molecule of Florida it -- it was on the same thing. Minutes later Christopher Plummer would win the supporting male for beginning it's taken me the longest time to realize that they. Spirits awards. Have nothing to do with the boots. The -- -- it's like building up proves he's cheating on George Clooney with in your hypothesized -- -- But it and then -- -- The super you are so handsome -- in which she and George yeah. That's the greatest job in the history of -- guide. The artist -- winning every single award on earth and -- that happening. Seriously. I thought we created the whole foreign film category to stop -- from happening. What is this little I didn't silent like it might now -- and -- but -- that it never heard. -- you know yeah. And here they weren't the -- that is still in transit from Paris -- Penelope and Miller had to accept their rewards for cinematographer. And best male lead when it was all over the artist led the way with four awards including best -- and the descendants took home two. Won for best supporting female to twenty year old she -- Woodley. And like to think of those four months of governments that shaped my young adult life. You know -- totally cheesy and corny but it's -- And of course the -- disguised itself from France in time to get two of their four awards and Michelle Williams -- won best lead female. For her role in my week with Marilyn guys. At Hillcrest now that only the waiting for a lightning round to find out -- picks for the -- want to start with you best actor. I think it's George Clooney he went through the descendants of wonderful portrait of a guy trying to pull -- family back together he's the victim. -- -- every front you please how about the lady is what about best actress a. There's a tough one to call Merrill was amazing in the iron lady but I think it's going to be Viola Davis for the help. Everybody loves their and it's going to be a great night for her and Chris the best picture isn't a foregone conclusion. -- -- look like it's been -- -- I think it's gonna be the artist would believe everybody wondering what the silent movie winning say about Hollywood how America works -- of minutes. The head of course still be on -- -- -- -- Sacha Baron Cohen on the red carpet I'm Stewart Chris. Absolutely right you -- be amazing -- all right I'll pay you so much for your time this morning and your predictions. And you don't wanna miss a moment of Oscar tonight followed all on Good Morning America dot com and on Twitter tell us who you think has the most gorgeous -- that's what -- and I -- wondering. Using the hash -- best dressed then we'll reveal the results on GMA tomorrow morning at our huge Oscar after party. With Robin and Lara Spencer live from Los Angeles.

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{"id":15793706,"title":"Indie Spirit Awards Aims for a More Casual Fair","duration":"3:58","description":"Chris Connelly has a breakdown of Hollywood's most laid back awards ceremony. ","url":"/GMA/video/indie-spirit-awards-aims-casual-fair-15793706","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}