Indy Car Driver Dan Wheldon Dies in Pileup

A fiery crash involving 15 cars claims the life of Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon.
3:50 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Indy Car Driver Dan Wheldon Dies in Pileup
That tragic crash in Las Vegas late Sunday afternoon happened early on in the race in an instant drivers that they've never seen anything like it pieces of metal. Car and -- no car tax. And -- the outpouring of just sheer raw emotion on the track was immediate for Dan -- -- so beloved. These are drivers just broke down in tears but take a look at these pictures and innocence of just how bad reaction was that is woman's car right there flipping right into the air. Does it again and as you -- because the cars were so close -- that once they hit they went flying He really had much. A lot of people are asking this morning with the tracks are simply too fast and was the field just to. Large there were others that were injured. As well and Josh Elliott and -- following the sport's very closely -- the morning to both to view it is impossible to really know the violence of a car speeding in excess of 220. Miles per hour. And slamming into a wall but. As we -- yesterday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway the aftermath of such a horror -- too easily become the stuff of unspeakable. Tragedy. Point is there it is right there just twelve laps into the final race of the IndyCar season. Racing's razor thin line between steeped in tragedy was breached another view from Dan Lucas -- -- -- fifteen car crash was horrific if cars turn to pin Wheeling fire balls. Hurtling into the protective fencing along the tracks second turn. Including the one driven by Dan -- -- 33 year old British former champion Indy cars very -- to announce that Dan Wheldon has passed away. -- -- had no chance a chain reaction of carnage erupted in a matter of milliseconds. -- car flying over 220. Miles per hour into the turn. Climbed the back of Paul Tracy's car. Bursting into flames flipping end over end and slamming into a crash fence above the retaining wall. This picture captures the chaos a debris field no driver could possibly invade. In an instant the worst fears realized by drivers who earlier expressed concern over the tracks blinding speeds this -- Not suitable track and we've seen today it stands car from what I saw from the video lists came over my back we on over top of -- -- Justice horrendous accident two drivers were hospitalized. Well then airlifted to a nearby trauma center his fellow racers left really. There was little -- best friends. -- -- -- -- been. Enough. -- feel for him. Don't ever say race car drivers don't have emotions. Dario Frankie eighty reduced to tears as his grief stricken wife -- does -- -- and then you see that happen to that and just penal law. -- -- -- -- You Wheldon was beloved on the Indy -- circuit a gregarious figure who'd gone from racing go carts at age four. To winning the series title in 2005. Even -- we blog about his car's lack of speed earlier in the week -- had pushed his way from the back of the crowded 34 car field and into the lead pack. Just as He said He hoped to last month -- -- -- -- good situation I'll be able to perform. After learning of Weldon is death the race was canceled. And his bag pipes -- sounded -- fellow drivers honored him as only they could. -- in five of the most heartbreaking -- of their lives in memory of his. -- Weldon hadn't actually qualified for the race but in gaining late -- is a sort of wild card. He was also chasing -- two and a half million dollar bonus. Had He won the race as a non regular driver and to that and Robin he'd been publicly promises all week in most entertaining. Verizon lot of people haven't --

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{"id":14751800,"title":"Indy Car Driver Dan Wheldon Dies in Pileup","duration":"3:50","description":"A fiery crash involving 15 cars claims the life of Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon.","url":"/GMA/video/indycar-driver-dan-wheldon-dies-massive-pileup-14751800","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}