Infamous party crasher Craig Schmell opens up about his memoir, battle with alcoholism

Schmell says he wrote his new book, "The Uninvited," for people "who are lost," saying, "you can change your life."
2:33 | 12/26/17

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Transcript for Infamous party crasher Craig Schmell opens up about his memoir, battle with alcoholism
Presented by carmax. Back now with the "Uninvited." You guys are invited about a man who's known for crashing some of the world's biggest events including the grammys in it sounds like what some would call air dream. It gave him kudos with his friends but he was living a lie. A star-studded awards show. Arriving in the presidential motorcade. Behind the walls of Russia's Kremlin. Some of the most exclusive and secure places in the world, but for Craig schmell, they were a challenge in it was that escape. I didn't have to be me when I was backstage at live aid I was a rock star. When I was inside Russia walking around selling my jeans I was a world traveler. When I was driving for president Reagan in his motorcade I was a diplomat. And I didn't have to feel me. Reporter: In his new book "The uninvited: How I crashed my way into finding myself" he shares stories from his teen answer 20s when he frequently talked his way into places he didn't belong. The most exciting place I ever snuck into would be the grammy awards 1988. Reporter: His party crashing abilities taking had him to countless events including that grammys stage. And there I was, standing at center stage before a packed house and a worldwide television audience. ??? Reporter: But schmell says his antics were a cry for help. I was spiraling out of control. All the drugs and alcohol in the world wouldn't have satisfied my thirst for self-approval. Reporter: He got sober with the support of his family and a doctor in New York. I changed my life. I started to do esteemable acts, I started to be a man of honor and integrity. Reporter: Now 27 years later he's hoping his story inspires and helps others. What I wrote this book for is people who are just lost who want to find some type of hope that you can change your life. And he said what snapped him back to reality was that he did not want to live his life as a liar anymore. He wanted to live a life of honor and integrity as you heard him talk about, he is a father with children and says what you do for others is what truly defines your character. "The uninvited: How I crashed myself into finding myself" is Hey, girlfriend.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Schmell says he wrote his new book, \"The Uninvited,\" for people \"who are lost,\" saying, \"you can change your life.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51990998","title":"Infamous party crasher Craig Schmell opens up about his memoir, battle with alcoholism","url":"/GMA/video/infamous-party-crasher-craig-schmell-opens-memoir-battle-51990998"}