Inside the new boxing fitness craze for women

What to know about the popular new fitness trend that is helping some women to get in shape.
3:21 | 09/12/17

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Transcript for Inside the new boxing fitness craze for women
hottest workout trend getting people into knockout shape. I know what you did there. I got you. All right. So this is a go to for celeb, models, moms. It's spiking online and Diane Macedo is back with a closer look and put on the gloves to give it a try. It's not even just for fighters. The sport is blowing up as a great way for anyone to get in shape as you mentioned, model, moms, even tiny news reporters. It's the fitness craze sweeping the nation. Makes you like super confident. Reporter: The original high speed and hard core workout once considered a man's sport is fast catching on as the hottest way for women to get fighting fit. It's fun. Reporter: Nearly 40 million people were practicing yoga in the United States last year. Women's active wear site sashercise says it's up 430% and boxing is up as a top search. Gigi and others are boxing. Why is it taking off like this. One, because it works. Incredible efficient especially coupling it with strength training which we do in there. Reporter: Noaah is the co-founder of rumble. Here as many as 60 people train at the same time. ??? he says 70% of his clients are women. What most surprised you when you started boxing. The strength in my core got super strong and leaned out in the middle like an hourglass. Everybody wants that. That's my first class. After a quick warm-up. Right hand, thumb. Reporter: It's time to hit the bag. Hey, hey, hey. Noah says boxing works every part. The body but legs are the foundation. Every punch tarts there. The last thing we worry about is throwing our arms. We really want to generate that power from the movement of our body. ??? Hey. Reporter: 45 minutes later, the gloves come off. I feel kind of tough now. I could go kick some butt. And that was actually my favorite part about boxing. It's a great full body workout. It's really fun but you also feel like you're learning a skill and you walk out of class and you feel tough. Just show us how tough you are. That's not good. You got to move for us. A skill I don't want to have to use but so one of the big focuses is keeping your hands up. Protect the face and then so here's a jab coming out here then you want to go cross. You want to fully extend and the power comes from the hip so you're also turning your foot, your back foot when you punch. So, boom. Let me see. When you bring that up and keep that cross, keep up that. Keep your hands up. Cross, cross. I learned something new. Yeah. Jab cross. And repetitive so you get a great cardio. Knock it off, you two. It's really fun and you really get into it. That's the whole thing. I can see that. Diane. Maybe a little too into it. The big bag is filled with water? We were taking the class and great because you get a lot of feedback so when you hit the bag you can get a measure of how hard you're hitting. I need to check that class out. Get my confidence up.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"What to know about the popular new fitness trend that is helping some women to get in shape. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49783503","title":"Inside the new boxing fitness craze for women ","url":"/GMA/video/inside-boxing-fitness-craze-women-49783503"}