Inside Hollywood's Hottest Oscars After-Party

"GMA" gets a sneak peek of what it takes to put on a party for Oscar nominees.
2:44 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Hollywood's Hottest Oscars After-Party
It can -- a second. To say hello Robin is -- -- his leather pants right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really known for its star packed parties this being the governor's ball is the ultimate ticket an ally. Got a sneak peek at what it takes to throw the biggest party of the year of course she did of course -- it. You can find 15100. Of entertainment's most of the endless news. Thousand bottles of -- -- Graham -- -- -- crystal. 100 yards of thousand hidden chocolate. -- Want out of this world -- Had -- governor Bob Good Morning America this year's bowl is unlike any other. Forget the tables and chairs 2012. Is all about action. This event this year people asking what's different -- -- -- answered every 3 PM Bolton is not sit down dinner. Let's hope conceding -- band -- every word -- small plates throughout the entire EP. Don't -- the portion size fool you with 6000 cocktail -- and 4500. -- tough truths at their disposal of Oscar winners might want to check his nephew. -- at the door. Unless of course we're talking chocolate -- -- Cameron you gonna get your. If you could hit this -- -- if you want Phil thanks wolf game but right now I have -- I hear what mark held up mark's garden and I'm going to appoint you floral design -- well thank you how many years. Well I hate to say it but I think this is in the nineteen year we've done how many followers -- -- gonna go through. We'll -- about 101000 roses so these are over the -- here and then just kind of like at the petals. This so. Beautiful sea epics like -- plus the mega rooms that we've improved on nature. That's right and -- Gordon was nice enough to let me take one of things on which which they've they've named a go Emilia. Get glam -- Melia naming -- o'clock so there's a flower in the militant starts with -- -- -- literally dozens of rows petals glued. Very very very very. Painstaking and a lot of patients went into this I had nothing to do with that but I tried and it was a disaster and looks great -- and he got horse. Our wolf king's legendary little -- someone have the students from. The academy of answers -- commit and would you hand to -- everybody come on up their chocolate people in the chocolate covered pick. -- and you -- -- this shows ever talking about thirty ego and the teachers as well.

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{"id":15783014,"title":"Inside Hollywood's Hottest Oscars After-Party","duration":"2:44","description":"\"GMA\" gets a sneak peek of what it takes to put on a party for Oscar nominees.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-hollywoods-hottest-oscars-party-15783014","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}