Inspiration Behind Viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Former Boston College baseball captain Pete Frates, diagnosed with ALS in 2012, started the viral campaign.
3:04 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inspiration Behind Viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge'
? oh oh oh my god ? We're back now in the social square for the very latest on the viral phenomenon going crazy. Everybody's Facebook features it called the ice bucket challenge. You pour a bucket of ice cold water over your head for charity. What inspired it all in the first place? Take a look. It's the icy wake-up call flooding the country. The kennedys joining notables like Justin Timberlake. Martha Stewart. New Jersey governor Chris Christie even joining in. And Canadian hockey player Paul Bissonette soaked in bone-chill ING glacial water. Hundreds of thousands of social media users accepting the ice bucket challenge dumping ice water on your head and daring others to do the same or donate to als research instead helping to raise at least $4 million in just the past two weeks alone. We've seen probably a ten-x increase in donations but it's more about awareness. Reporter: Als known as Lou Gehrig's disease causes paralysis. Pete Frates was diagnosed in 2012 and robbed the former Boston college baseball captain of his ability to walk and talk. It was his idea, though, along with fellow als patient pat Quinn to start the challenge. It's really beyond anything we could have imagined. Reporter: His wife Julie says the campaign is a game changer. Before this so many people just did not understand what als was. We need people to rally around this cause and if people keep pouring bucks of ice over their head, then so be it. It's great. It's bringing so much attention to als. It sure is. And there are other charities involved. A former legendary coach at N.C. State who passed away from breast cancer, people were doing it for her. A lot of charities are doing it. And now the president was challenged by Ethel Kennedy. He says he won't do it but will make a big donation. Michael Strahan sent us this video. He apparently took it on full tilt. Took it off, yeah. Off. Everybody, I accept roger Goodell's challenge, ice bucket als challenge. Whoo. Here we go. I accept it. Here we go, everybody. Aaagh. Oh! My goodness. Whoo. That was good. After that I challenge my "Gma" team, yes, every one of you. Freezing. Yeah. You got it. Start taking off our clothes. Consider it done, Strahan so we want you to join us for what could be the biggest ice bucket challenge ever this Friday on "Gma" in central park. Coming up -- Is George back on Friday?

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Former Boston College baseball captain Pete Frates, diagnosed with ALS in 2012, started the viral campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24958438","title":"Inspiration Behind Viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge' ","url":"/GMA/video/inspiration-viral-ice-bucket-challenge-24958438"}