'Instabraid' Is the Secret to This Season's Hottest Hair Styles

The Instagram account, loved by celebs like Paris Hilton and Emmy Rossum, is devoted to easy-to-make braids.
3:42 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for 'Instabraid' Is the Secret to This Season's Hottest Hair Styles
that Paris Hilton and Emmy Rossum can't get enough, called instabraid devoted to easy to make braids and has over a million followers already. The team co-founders are with us to show us some of their favorite styles but first their story. From fishtails to water falls and Dutch braids to milkmaids, a bold, beautiful braid is tightly holding the top spot on this list of supertrend sfwhs we all know the Kardashian sister, they love to rock their braids and saw Kelly Rowland wear a beautiful halo braid at the VMAs. Reporter: Real life women rocking braids too for a casual everyday look even bridal braids which is perhaps why instabraid, an instagram account created by two besties has attracted more than 1 million followers. I met up with 18-year-old sir ben-zikry and Sophie rose at the Ted Gibson salon in New York City for the 411 on the luscious look. How did you get into braiding? So we were on a school trip and sir was sitting behind me started braiding my hair for fun and made a waterfall braid and why notupload. Reporter: They post three to four styles dately along with celebrity looks and fans that submit their own creations. Now it was time to get my braid on. Instead of going over each other, we're going to go under and as we move along we're going to add pieces of hair. And just minutes later behold, a braid of beauty. For "Good morning America," Brandi Hitt, ABC news, New York. Look at that. Sophie rose and sir ben-zikry and, guys, these are two audience members. We have Cassandra and Eva. Tell us about your creation. Shir, you go first. I made an upside down French braid going into a braided bun. How easy is it? It's pretty easy. It's hard to do on yourself. Easier if you have someone else do Earth for you but it's a lot easier than it looks. Is it first a ponytail then braid if we are going to start with a French braid starting from the bottom working your way up then you grab all the hair, make three braids and bobby pin it. Is this a site -- is there actually a way for us to learn by watching what you do on instagram or more to get inspired. That too but you can also visit tutorials on instabraid.com. Can I just show the audience yours. I love how it's just right here sort of '70s but so chic and modern. That looks really great and then let me just ask you about yours. So, hi, how are you? Hi. So your braid for the day is -- I've done a three-way fishtail braid? What's elaborate. So much easier than it look. Really just three fishtail braids weaved together in a simple braid and looks like it took hours, it really takes 10, 15 minutes. So so if I, if we're going to do this, is there anything like somebody who has no braiding experience because we do have a lot of little girls watching, a lot of moms who want to try this stuff. Any tips on getting started. Really just check out tutorials, that's the kye. This is one of the easiest braids I this I to do a fishtail after a simple braid, after a simple braid it's the go-to braid. So cute for sports and going out. You guys, thanks for being with us. Our favorite "Gma" audience members and so if I and sir will show you an extra tip coming up on "Good morning America" and that will be on instagram. Right now to Sara and Sara and I will have our own braiding party. I have the gingerlina braid. Let me show you ginger's work. I mean -- so easy to do, even Ryan smith

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{"id":25142330,"title":"'Instabraid' Is the Secret to This Season's Hottest Hair Styles ","duration":"3:42","description":"The Instagram account, loved by celebs like Paris Hilton and Emmy Rossum, is devoted to easy-to-make braids.","url":"/GMA/video/instabraid-secret-seasons-hottest-hair-styles-25142330","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}