Intense Heat, Humidity Hit Powerless Cruise Ship

Ships continue Costa Allegra's rescue as passengers go without water, toilets.
2:10 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Intense Heat, Humidity Hit Powerless Cruise Ship
Sees hundreds of cruise ship passengers will be spending at least one more night crammed under the hot and sticky deck of a carnival cruise liner that is disabled off the coast of Africa. The ship became stranded after a fire on board ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann has the latest. From the Seychelles silence for the ship is being towed. And good morning to you Josh from a place that is pretty close to paradise. But this intense heat and intense humidity. Can't be comfortable. For all those passengers aboard that stricken ship that is still very far. From land. High winds and choppy seas are slowing the ship's journey to safe harbor. It is still more than a hundred miles from the closest -- being pulled by a French fishing -- and pushed by two tugs. After two nights of sleeping on the deck under the stars on a -- with no power no water no air conditioning no toilets. 636. Passengers and 413. Crew we'll have to -- yet again tonight. This has been a terrible year for Costa cruise lines and its owner Miami's Carnival Corp. Six weeks ago caustic -- courting -- -- ground forcing thousands to flee for their lives 32 are dead or missing the company insists. This is different. -- -- -- -- -- The Yankees. One reason human error. And along with the team. People -- is easy thing people. That distinction is lost on Jane Thomas her son was a performer on the caustic in Korea and had to escape for his life. In actual incidents that has shaken this mother -- her core her daughter is a dancer on board -- stricken Costa Allegra. And particularly -- that it should happen. You know all the sheets of society in the action. On to that committed -- Hilton -- to want to would be you know. This is where the Costa Allegra will land. It's Victoria harbor the main port here in this say -- best estimates it will arrive sometime around sunrise Thursday morning local time. That's late Wednesday evening in the U asked. Passengers would put on board buses and taken to local hotels where the first thing they'll be offered the hot shower and then a hot meal. Josh Jeffrey -- in the officials thank you.

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{"id":15815682,"title":"Intense Heat, Humidity Hit Powerless Cruise Ship","duration":"2:10","description":"Ships continue Costa Allegra's rescue as passengers go without water, toilets.","url":"/GMA/video/intense-heat-humidity-hit-powerless-cruise-ship-15815682","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}