New Details From JFK, Jr.'s Life

RoseMarie Terenzio discusses her new book, "Fairy Tale Interrupted" on "GMA."
5:14 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for New Details From JFK, Jr.'s Life
Rose -- turns via JFK junior's personal assistant confidante to both John and Caroline for years is here exclusively with us it's very nice to see -- Yankee fan. How -- -- feel and I know that -- -- little you know because. He was so private and you were so protective of his privacy you tell friends that you into the work. So so why in the book now. I think it was time had enough time in the past and I felt that. And my story. It was ready to be told and people were would be interested more in my story than there is at this point. And you know it's a book about what a great -- he was and what a great friend she was and -- A girl from the Bronx ended up in this amazing situation that happened. Well elected a PR firm and John was coming and TA's office space and I didn't know why. And my boss at the time Michael Berman was starting George with Johnson and John. Ended up taking over my office and I was -- -- Couldn't get if you are for the bra -- yeah so my Bronx came out a little bit land. Held on exactly how he felt about. We believe appreciated that little -- of a star but that there. He earned his trust and he earned your trust and became truly friends yes yes and I'm had a great sense of humor. So when he saw that he thought -- -- at her. I mean at first it was being I'm gonna ignore him like Matt has been working. But and but he you know he -- me down and he he had a great sense of humor he left teasing -- treat me like younger sister so it was fun. And we really learned a lot about Caroline can do well and that in -- -- I know people use this -- phrase -- she was misunderstood. But in reading the book he really have the idea that maybe people didn't know her as well as -- plot. Yeah I don't and a misunderstood I just think that because she was so -- it. People just put their own assumptions on -- and I think the fact that it was John America's most famous bachelor and you know it was she was a little bit of -- target for people you know they didn't want him to. They wanted him to be there -- them you know so Caroline for the front of that little -- I think and also board the front. You know he said he had a great sense of humor him but didn't seem to it sometimes to be very sensitive to I think for Don -- his his. Way of going about it was just you know get on with it and and I think he thought because it really could protect her from that. He'd rather not. Him the -- -- so in some ways I think he was just. Being a guy -- that was his way of saying. Other more important things to worry about don't worry -- could see -- so extremely extremely well I'm sure he -- -- that. For her to -- so you getting -- you -- she was starting to realize that it was. It it was what it was and did you know it didn't really affect how they live their lives toward the end even now. Ambulance fans since it you were invited to the super secret wedding and helped. Planet but you decided not to go -- -- -- fight went it would. Aroused suspicion. Because for John and I both to be out of the office and then if somebody was trying to get in touch with me and where are -- -- -- into humans I would know it's like -- selling in the onslaught of calls and media and friends who -- -- and -- it would you know. Because it's -- only one of the ordinance forty people I think we'll get things like 35 authority yes something like that which is amazing I mean. I think most people's weddings couldn't be -- all. I'm Merrill we solve the picture from the wedding -- like good for them that they were able to do that it would have it was Helena helps to know that they got to do it in private it really lives. Rose -- the what's really. Garnering headlines this what you wrote about Caroline did not want to go to the family wedding where they were on their way to and. Think we know how. That ended in view to have you -- -- that again and again your mind -- conversely yeah. I mean I'll always regret. That I encouraged her to get on the plane because what happened. I don't think I'm responsible for the plane going down but I will not always have that regret that. Me he had enough. Encouraged -- she wouldn't have gone. And the family hasn't. -- 21. I don't. I don't I don't things went -- When you think when they come to mind. What do you think of most. I think. A lot of with John. What he thinks he associated -- in what he could've done. And apparently she had this amazing. Generosity. And -- -- and always wanted to help people and -- people so I imagine what. What they could have done now that we all we Alton. Far too -- yes far too short did so much that gap here and and and I think the book is up. What about more than. In the final days which I'm really proud of it gives us great insight happens -- thank you thank you know -- thanks very appreciate that fairy tale and abruptly goes on sale. -- --

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{"id":15420216,"title":"New Details From JFK, Jr.'s Life","duration":"5:14","description":"RoseMarie Terenzio discusses her new book, \"Fairy Tale Interrupted\" on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/intimate-details-jfk-jrs-life-revealed-15420216","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}