Introducing the Mac N' Cheese Burger

Billy Dec talks to Lara, Josh and Sam about his delicious creation.
3:50 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Introducing the Mac N' Cheese Burger
Coming from Chicago lays down a comfortable at rocket burger bar in Chicago's Wrigley bill neighborhood you know you can see pages a -- and made -- macaroni and cheese. The senior again I I are -- -- Gelman yeah. Okay I'm in the afterlife now I have thank you. On too long yes might. -- the way it happened I mean you were so kind of like little five years ago -- Highlighted it last longer I feel like I got it is -- holding a unicorn -- No one really what's happening we took away the -- you are now it is here's what he plays -- -- you every watcher when the both -- an active seeds. It's comfort on a whole new level -- honestly. Turns out it's delicious and you're -- journey here property your face in your eye on all they write what I -- doubted could I would -- now. It's it's not just if this is amazing that -- but it's not just this you are restaurant caved in that area. Many times -- -- that I spent. Wait too many late night in not at the underground and nightclub at sun the new age grandson that is amazing that you all Chicago -- -- -- -- not true but I do I don't -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- windy city law raising -- unable to get caught WL -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About two hour show on ABC he's unable to listen -- I remember when I started -- -- about the show Oprah went off on Wednesday we -- -- Thursday the same -- gradually should really exciting where about two and a half years in. I DV entertainment report every week on Thursdays. And we have a great you know crew and cast and -- -- TV family that just. -- service in the last night so grade he I'm glad we should let him McCracken up I think I'm deathly should pop actually I'm the tell anybody how -- they. If -- -- for well a more info by the way on how you get -- attack and -- other creations from rocket burger bar. Column on Twitter at -- got you can be let me all on one of the millions of people do. And and what the what is there -- web site as well -- get all the rocket burger bar dot com spoke out we're gonna -- what we can make he's at home by the way they're actually really easy so. I put to rest the up there guys make it I -- -- -- -- everybody I think. Let's just -- -- -- -- -- sitting next Japanese Josh what's popping up back well you know as you well know Denise is the programs. Meet aficionado -- -- -- now so she requested. Be. Matt can cheeseburger. Yesterday -- I should apologize for yesterday's -- -- -- it was nation and defending -- timeout that. This however is all sorts of what was wrong with the -- you know like his it has -- elaborately Denise doesn't do bird. Yeah usually does cattle yes she doesn't have to look at what I have cattle in -- -- hot shots hard and. Go ahead you -- about. It's called the Mac attack attack attack attack yeah. I know that's not attacking -- I like that -- -- that's a -- -- -- that's a dainty little polite nice to hear Mary. I have not been back nibble at it got attacked -- attack -- -- and there are not going to needs me know that you're not getting cameras and do it. -- I know I already. It happened -- Yeah. -- -- -- It will be back to us we'll have that report on you -- Mac and cheese burger -- favorite things like I'm telling you use you or not -- in Chicago if you're not have won his spots they are. The coolest. -- run you are not in good times I would say Chicago in general as the place to party card I -- world -- I don't know enough content I'm gaga.

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{"id":20575021,"title":"Introducing the Mac N' Cheese Burger","duration":"3:50","description":"Billy Dec talks to Lara, Josh and Sam about his delicious creation.","url":"/GMA/video/introducing-mac-cheese-burger-20575021","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}