Investigation into Malaysia Flight MH17 Hindered

Wreckage site remains unsecured as the international community looks for ties between the rebels and Vladimir Putin's government.
5:09 | 07/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigation into Malaysia Flight MH17 Hindered
Let get straight to our lead story. New developments in the downing of mh-17. Pro Russian rebels have taken away 96 of the bodies. There seems to be no real plan for what to do. Meanwhile in the Netherlands, chunch services were held as anger fwroes over the disregard for the dead. And thousands of miles away, Malaysia airlines announced hours ago it's retiring the mh-17 flight number out of respect for its crew and passengers. Terry Moran is at the scene. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. What is happening out here to the bodies and the evidence is shocking. 196 bodies have been recovered. 169 of them now sitting in refrigerated boxcars at a railway station in a village not far from here. The rebels are in control. Either they are not saying or don't know what will happen to them. They suggested they'll go to Russia. Other bodies are being stored in nearby hospitals. So the anguish of the families deepens. Much of the crash site remaining unguarded. And the evidence, unexamined. No clear perimeter. No one in charge. No one taking responsibility. We have proof. We have evidence that it was planned. And it was committed with the participation of the Russian Federation. Reporter: This crash site the world's biggest and most disputed crime scene. We found bodies of 196 victims. Reporter: Most of the bodies taken away in truckloads and are now under rebel control. Rescue work is complicated because gunmen, terrorists are present there. They don't allow rescue groups there to work. Reporter: Armed gunmen, some of them masked, hover over the site. They limit access and allow people to stay no longer than 75 minutes. Here, a pro-russian fighter seen holding up a toy. The Dutch prime minister furious, calling the handing of the crash site and the victims downright disgusting. While an international squad of investigators have started to trickle into kiev, the pressure is on Vladimir Putin to force the rebels to back off and let international investigators begin the pain staking search for answers. Our focus is on securing the site so there can be a proper international investigation to identify the cause and the perpetrators so we can bring them to justice. Reporter: In the midst of the chaos, the black boxes from the flight are missing. The blame game continues. Russia is trying to not be responsible for this. They want to blame anyone else. Not to be responsible. Reporter: So there is outrage building around the world. And there is that investigation team ready to get on to this site to get on to the evidence scattered throughout the field. They're waiting for a cease-fire. Neither the Ukrainian government or the rebels in control of the site have agreed on that yet. Terry Moran, thank you for your reporteding. So many questions. Let's bring in George stephanopoulos. Good morning. Given the outrage about the treatment of the body, the chaos at the crime scene, and the fact that the rebels apparently shot the plane down in the first place, to the belief of many, does that put pressure on Vladimir putten? No question about it. He's placing the blame on Ukraine. You have evidence that -- U.S. Intelligence, international intelligence point to a Russian missile in territory held by the separatists. They couldn't have done this without the training, the support of the Russian military. We know military equipment had been going across the border. The pressure is building. David Cameron, and the Dutch prime minister say sanctions will intensify if Vladimir Putin doesn't take responsibility. He doesn't seem to be backing down in any way. Not at all. Will he take this opportunity for some kind of a deescalation in the Ukraine? Right now, he's not backing down at all. He's still, as I said, placing the blame on the Ukrainian government. George has a big show this morning. He'll go one on one with both secretary of state John Kerry and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin netanyahu. Later this morning. Two huge international developments. To the latest controversy

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Wreckage site remains unsecured as the international community looks for ties between the rebels and Vladimir Putin's government. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24637214","title":"Investigation into Malaysia Flight MH17 Hindered","url":"/GMA/video/investigation-malaysia-flight-mh17-hindered-24637214"}